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At a Glance:

Earn rewards by trying new apps and watching videos


  • Achievement System
  • Redeem for Gift Cards
  • Redeem for Money
  • Referral Bonus


Use it if: You spend a lot of time playing phone games and would like to get rewarded for it. appKarma “gamifies” their reward system by offering achievement badges that can increase your rewards. It’s like a metagame on top of the games you’ll already be playing. There are also more ways to get rewards than with alternative apps. In addition to actually playing the apps you downloaded, you can earn points by answering quizzes about the apps, watching videos, and taking surveys.

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Darkfield Software LLC
Interview with Andrew Lin of appKarma

OppLoans: What benefits does appKarma provide your users?

Andrew: AppKarma rewards users with cash and gift cards for trying new apps.

OppLoans: What’s the story behind the creation of appKarma?

Andrew: We wanted to find a way to improve the quality of reward based app install campaigns and give advertisers an alternate way to promote their apps. Traditionally, incentivized app install campaigns are inexpensive, but are low quality (most users install apps to earn a reward then uninstall the app). Non-incentivized campaigns, on the other hand, are very expensive for the average developer. There’s a huge spread between the cost of incent/non-incent campaigns, and so we created the app to experiment with ways to find something in between.

OppLoans: What features are you most proud of?

Andrew: Our Karma Play reward feature. A typical reward app like ours rewards users one time for installing the app. We are the only reward app that, in addition to rewarding users for installing an app, also rewards them for keeping the app and playing with it each day.

This helps us by increasing our retention, helps our users by giving them an additional means to earn rewards, and also helps the advertisers by giving their apps additional opportunities to retain the users (reduce uninstall rate).

OppLoans: Are there any upcoming features or releases you’d like our readers to be aware of?

Andrew: With all reward apps, rewarding can be finicky due to tracking issues, outdated campaigns, etc, which results in a lot of user frustration. In the coming months, our goal is to develop the functionalities to weed out low-performing offers, then notify and present users with only offers that have a high likelihood of conversions.