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Find out which credit cards to use to get the best rewards.


  • Automatically Tracks Spending
  • Credit Card Reward Suggestions
  • Link to Credit Card


Use it if: You want to get the most out of your credit cards. Birch analyzes your spending and suggests which credit cards you should use to get the best rewards possible. This can allow you to save large amounts of money on travel, dining, or other expenses, both essential and otherwise. You could even use Birch and Debitize together, in case you want to get the rewards without any of the risks credit cards can pose.

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Birch Finance, LLC
Interview with Alex Cohen co-founder and CEO of Birch

OppLoans: What benefits does the Birch app provide your users?

Alex: Birch analyzes user’s transactions and recommends 3 cards that will earn them the most rewards with the way they spend, making credit card hunting a breeze. Our biggest value is that we compare their actual spending over 150 reward-earning cards and only recommend the best ones. If a card earns points or miles, we turn that value into an actual $ amount, so our users are never guessing what that point or mile is worth.

We also factor in all of the card’s bonuses and fees – things like special categories, merchants, caps on how much can be earned, annual fees, etc. We take the guesswork out of the equation and simply show our users the best three cards for their spending. Birch has powerful filtering, subscription tracking, and insights such as top merchants and category breakdowns making understanding finances easier than ever.

OppLoans: What features are you most proud of?

Alex: I am most proud of our new card recommendations – We are probably the most unbiased solution available for credit card users. We do the hard work for them to understand their rewards.

OppLoans: What’s the story behind the creation of Birch?

Alex: I’ve been traveling solely by using credit cards since I was 18 and could apply for my first credit card. As a college student, I was able to take two or three trips a year for free by only using points, with no supplemental income. Even with my savviness for rewards points, I noticed how confusing it was to choose the right card. It made me wonder how difficult it must be for people with no credit card experience or time to learn, to choose the right card for them. I set out to make the most accessible platform where people could make sense of everything related to credit cards and their rewards!

OppLoans: Are there any upcoming features or releases you’d like our readers to be aware of?

Alex: Our next update will recommend an entire wallet of cards that fit your spending habits – 5 cards for you to have, and it may include cards you already own!