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Free or $3-$5 per month for extra features.

At a Glance:

Earn rewards by completing quests in your favorite video games and computer games you're playing anyway.


  • Achievement System
  • Redeem for Gift Cards
  • Redeem for Products


Use it if: You’re regularly playing computer games or video games and want to turn your virtual progress into in real life progress. By completing daily quests in games you may very well be playing anyway, you’ll rack up points that can be used for in-game rewards as well as gift cards and entry into raffles. It can even be a way to give yourself additional challenges beyond the ones central to the structure of the games.

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Interview with Charlie Meaden, founder of Uproar

OppLoans: How did you come up with the idea for Uproar, and how would you explain it in one sentence?

Charlie: I grew up a passionate gamer who loved esports and felt like there was more effort going into discouraging the activities people enjoyed rather than rewarding them.

Uproar rewards gamers for playing the games they love, like air miles for gaming.

OppLoans: What kind of rewards do you offer? And which games qualify?

Charlie: We just build partnerships with the games that we feel would be a good fit. It is usually quite good as we are both wanting the same thing; more people playing the games they love.

OppLoans: Thank you. Finally, what are some of your favorite games that are supported through UpRoar?

Charlie: My favorite games supported by Uproar are: League of Legends, Vainglory and Paladins!