Financial Cents: Posts About Credit Scores

The Journey Turning Your Credit Around
The Journey to Turn Your Credit Around

Every journey begins with the first step. The journey to fix your credit score is no different. Here's how to begin!

Posted on: June 07, 2017

7 Things That Could Impact Your Credit
7 Things You Didn’t Know Could Impact Your Credit

If you have bad credit, then you'll want to improve it ASAP. Here are seven little-known credit decisions that can have a big impact on your score!

Posted on: June 06, 2017

Have Bad Credit? Check Your Credit Report!

Wondering why your credit score is so bad? The information you need can be found on your credit report. Here's how to get it, understand it and improve it.

Posted on: June 01, 2017

How Bankruptcy Leads to Bad Credit

Bankruptcy can cause your score to drop by over 200 points. Of course, the kind of financial troubles that lead to bankruptcy can also lower your score. Learn what to avoid here or, if it's too late for that, learn how to recover!

Posted on: May 25, 2017

How Does Checking Your Credit Affect Your Score?
How Does Checking Your Credit Affect Your Score?

You want to know what your own credit score, but you've heard that checking your score can actually hurt it. What's up with that? OppLoans breaks it down for you here!

Posted on: May 04, 2017

15 Tips for Improving Bad Credit

Improving bad credit can be as easy as 1, 2, 3 (through 15). Follow these easy steps and watch your credit score rise and your financial life improve. You can do it!

Posted on: March 29, 2017

Credit Tier Breakdown, Part 4: Bad Credit

You don't need to be trapped in bad credit forever. If you need help understanding (and improving) your bad credit, check out OppLoans' expert info and advice here!

Posted on: March 29, 2017

Credit Tier Breakdown, Part 3: Fair Credit

If you've missed some credit card payments here and there, you may find yourself with "fair credit." That's a score between 630 and 679 (the national average is 687 by the way). So how will fair credit impact your life? And how can you improve it? Learn the details here.

Posted on: March 09, 2017

Credit Tier Breakdown, Part 2: Good Credit

Great credit would be... well, great. But most of us aren't there. Here are the details on the next credit tier down: good credit. If you have good credit, here's what it will mean (or what it will take to get you there).

Posted on: March 03, 2017

Credit Tier Breakdown, Part 1: Great Credit

Everybody wants great credit. But what does that mean and how will it actually impact your life? OppLoans breaks down the details and benefits of having great credit.

Posted on: February 24, 2017