14 Tax Experts To Follow Right Now!

14 Tax Experts

The tax filing deadline is coming up quick, but there’s still time to get (and use) strong advice from the experts. We’ve rounded up the greatest tax gurus on Twitter so you can get the best tips for filing your return this year, and each year to come!
Get yourself a head start on those deductions with these top tax tweeters:

 1. Jeff Rosan (@a_tax_pro)

Jeff Rosan has been an enrolled agent of the U.S. Treasury Department for 30 years, meaning he’s able to represent his clients directly before the IRS (@IRSnews). His San Diego-based firm helps individuals and small businesses make their tax experience as painless as possible. The firm’s Twitter account shares helpful articles and advice with a special eye on raising awareness about tax scams. Give them a follow and stay a step ahead of the scammers!

2. Janet Novack (@janetnovack)

Janet Novack is the Washington D.C. bureau chief for Forbes (@Forbes), focusing on tax advice and personal financial planning. Follow her for good information and advice about your own money matters, as well as her takes on the economic world at large.

3. K Sean Packard (@AthleteTax)

Would you rather read about sports than tax advice? Well, you can get both at once! K Sean Packard is the tax director for OFS (@OFSWealth), a firm that offers tax advice and financial guidance to athletes and celebrities. Follow him for tax information and sports views. And are there tweets that mix sports and taxes? Of course there are! Check him out.

4. Robert Raiola (@SportsTaxMan)

We hear what you’re saying. You want another account that will provide you with a wonderful swirl of tax and sports takes. Perhaps an accountant so well-regarded by the sports world that they made him into a baseball card? Well, then you should follow Robert Raiola. When Sports Illustrated or The Washington Post needs a sports accountant to talk to, they talk to Raiola, and for just the low, low price of one Twitter follow, you can get his insights too!

5. Sylvia F. Dion (@SylviaDionCPA)

Sylvia F. Dion is the founder of PrietoDion Consulting Partners. She has over 22 years of tax experience and a Twitter feed that’s dedicated to not just personal tax advice, but important news stories about taxes in general. It’s a great way to get all the knowledge you need to make you seem like a tax genius at parties. Assuming that’s what they talk about at the parties you attend.

6. Rick Telberg (@CPA_Trendlines)

Rick Telberg is the former editor-in-chief of Accounting Today (@AccountingToday), and his company, CPA Trendlines, offers in-depth research and tax analysis. His twitter feed highlights endless important articles and views to give you the full picture of the current tax environment.

7. Tax Mama (@TaxMama)

If you want your tax advice with a more personal touch, check out Tax Mama’s Twitter feed. Eva Rosenberg has been offering tax advice through books and the internet for a while now: her site has been around since 2000, when most accountants were probably still figuring out how to use Excel. Check out TaxMama.com to find the answers to your tax questions and even find out how to become an enrolled agent yourself.

8. Kay Bell (@taxtweet)

Kay Bell’s website is called DontMessWithTaxes.com and the self-described “native Texan and tax geek” provides tax advice in an amusing, accessible way. She also writes regularly about racing for multiple trucking magazines, if you want your tax advice to be literally speedy. Are the racing articles actually related to the tax articles? You’ll have to find out for yourself!

9. National Associations of Enrolled Agents (NAEA) (@Tax_Experts)

Remember those enrolled agents we mentioned earlier? Well, there’s a whole organization of them, and you should follow their Twitter account. Their tax advice tends to be a little more tailored by region than some other accounts, so you can keep an eye out for the tips that make sense for where you’re at.

10. Jason M. Blumer (@JasonMBlumer)

Jason M. Blumer is an accountant who specializes in working with creatives. That means his Twitter feed, while informative, also has its own spin, mixing in advice with pictures of what his clients are up to.

11. Rania Combs (@RaniaCombs)

Rania Combs has a fully online law firm. So when you follow her, you know you’ll be getting tax advice from someone who is totally up to date. These are solutions for the taxpayer who’d rather spend their time online than waiting IN LINE. (Sorry.)

12. Sandra Feinsmith (@SandraFeinsmith)

Sandra Feinsmith is a CPA who works with nonprofit organizations. So when you follow her, you might also see some suggestions of where you can donate this year to get those deductions…  we mean… out of the goodness of your heart.

13. Jim Frazier (@SalesTaxGuy)

You’ve read about a lot of tax experts, but none of them so far have specialized in sales tax. None of them have been a sales tax gentleman, or a sales tax individual, if you will. But now we’ve got a sales tax guy to recommend! Jim Frazier posts all about sales tax and, given that it’s a tax you’re probably paying every day, it’s not a bad idea to learn more about it.

14. Tracey Shannon Levy (@TaxAddict)

Tracey Shannon Levy shares a wide range of tax articles across many different topics. Following her is a great way to diversify your tax knowledge base. One read through the feed and you’ll be up to date on the latest tax happenings.

Follow all of these experts, and you’ll become a real tax expert yourself. But don’t get so distracted by tweets that you forget to file! File, then reward yourself with as many tax tweets as you like. The best reward!

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