6 Personal Finance Twitter Accounts You Should Follow Today!


The best part about Thanksgiving is getting to see family. The worst part about Thanksgiving can be having to spend the whole day with them.

So if you’re in need of some digital distractions next week, why not follow these six stellar, personal finance-focused Twitter accounts? Here are some of our favorite personal finance Twitter personalities who can help you save up some money to travel for the holidays next year!

1. Lucas Peterson, aka Frugal Traveler—@frugaltraveler

Twitter Bio: Tweets from The New York Times’ Frugal Traveler. Seeking out high style on a low budget. @nytimes @nytimestravel

What We Say: This dude will seriously make you want to travel everywhere and try everything he writes about. But the really cool thing is that you could actually do it! Amazing, budget-friendly travel tips.

2. Amiyrah Martin, aka 4 Hats and Frugal—@AmiyrahMartin

Twitter Bio: NJ wife, mom, Air Force Sarge, and Star Wars fan. Creator of 4 Hats and Frugal, where we teach families how to have fun on a dime, and live a full life on less.

What We Say: Great writing on family, frugality, food, and fun, Make sure you also subscribe to her Youtube channel!

3. Chonce Maddox, aka My Debt Epiphany—@MyDebtEpiphany

Twitter Bio: #PersonalFinance blogger and #PassionateWriter. Trying to balance living a good life now and saving for later.

What We Say: On a family journey to pay down $40,000 in debt, Chonce offers no-nonsense financial advice across a wide range of categories.

4. Dr. Budget, M.D.—@DoctorBudget

Twitter Bio: Author of #BudgetOrDie. Providing sound financial coaching for the masses. #Millennial #PersonalFinance#MoneyTalk #FinLit #BudgetOrDie#Investor

What We Say: Wanna get serious about getting your finances in order and building your net worth? Well, lucky for you, the doctor is IN.

5. Clarissa Wilson—@clarissaawilson

Twitter Bio: I’m Clarissa Wilson, a money relationship coach, helping women develop their relationship with their money for financial freedom.

What We Say: Life is about relationships. And If you have a bad relationship with your money, your life is going to suffer. Clarissa can help you change that.

6. Prudent Penny Pincher—@__PennyPincher

Twitter Bio: I blog about saving money, personal finance and affordable meal plans / recipes. #SavingMoney #FrugalLiving

What We Say: This blog is new, it just dropped this past summer. But you know what else dropped this past summer? Pokemon Go. Are we saying this is the Pokemon Go of personal finance blogs? Maybe! Why don’t you give Stephy a follow and decide for yourself?

Make you sure you follow us too! You can find us at @OppLoans.

Happy Holidays and Happy Tweeting!

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