6 Ways to Keep Your Home Warm for Less

The key to keeping yourself warm isn’t always generating more heat. Most of the time, it’s about keeping the heat you already have.

We’ve still got a couple months of winter left, which means a couple more months of trying to keep your home as warm as possible.

Unfortunately, that costs money. As you’re probably aware, the more heat you use, the more money you’ll be paying to your utility company. And that can get pricey fast. You might be worried you’ll have to choose between having an empty wallet or a freezing home.

Well, gather ’round the fire because we have a tale to tell. A tale of helpful tips that will allow you to keep your home warmer for less. Let’s get toasty!

1. Insulate your pipes.

Humans naturally produce heat. So keeping warm is often less about generating more heat than it is about keeping the heat you’re already creating. That’s the science between the high-tech invention known as the “winter coat.” The same concept also applies to your pipes.

“One of the best ways to save money whilst keeping your home warm is to insulate your pipes and hot water tank,” recommended Pete Sheridan, founder and owner of Manchester-based Ryan Air Conditioning Spares Ltd (@AirConSpares). “Households can waste a lot of money and energy by leaving them uninsulated. For example, insulated pipes can raise water temperature by between 2°F–4°F thus allowing homeowners to lower their water temperature setting by the same amount.

“Not only that, but insulated pipes are at a far higher risk of freezing. When the frozen water in your pipes expands and then bursts the pipes, the resulting leak damage can be catastrophic both in terms of damage and repair bills. So, in the long run, it certainly pays to insulate your pipes.”

Sheridan wasn’t the only one who recommended having your hot water tank insulated.

“One of the best ways that households can save money on heating during the winter months is to ensure they have a well insulated hot water tank,” explained Angie Lyons-Redman, owner of four London based renovation businesses, including My Plumber Ltd (@MyPlumberLtd).

“A typical household of four can overspend by over $500 per year just by having an inefficient and uninsulated hot water tank. Heating hot water is expensive so letting it go to waste and cool off without being used is like setting fire to dollar bills!”

2. Try a new water heater.

Clearly insulating your pipes and water heater can make a big difference. But if you can afford a whole new water heater, that can save you even more money in the long run.

“We recommend hot water tank systems like the mixergy tank,” Redman told us. “It allows homeowners to only heat the hot water needed by the household as it measures the average use and peak demand times and schedules accordingly.

“In addition, it can be adjusted via your phone whilst on the way home. This smart technology is a great way for households to save energy and money off their heating bills during the winter months.”

3. Get a new thermostat.

Even if you can’t afford a whole new water heater, you can still apply some new tech to your home heating.

“Get a programmable thermostat,” advised Sophie Kaemmerle, Communications Manager for NeighborWho (@UseNeighborWho). “If you don’t already have one, these are inexpensive, easy to install, and will help you keep some control over your heating bills!

“This is particularly useful if you’re going to be away over the holidays, as you can lower the heat (without risking any freezing of pipes) and save money.”

4. Get some portable heating.

If you only need to keep one or two rooms warm at one time, there’s no reason to spend the extra money heating the whole home or apartment.

“If you want to turn the heat down in your home but don’t feel like wearing two sweaters, a portable heater in one room where you are spending a lot of time can make all the difference!” Kaemmerle suggested. “Cut down on the central heat expenses and have some extra heat where it really counts!”

5. Weatherstripping.

Don’t just keep the warm in. Keep the cold out.

“Invest in weather stripping,” recommended Kaemmerle. “Invest in weather stripping for windows, doors, areas of plumbing, and electrical and gas lines. Weather stripping keeps warm air in and cold air out and is available at big box stores, hardware stores, and home improvement centers.”

6. Don’t forget the classics.

In addition to all of these more technical solutions, there’s nothing wrong with keeping warm the way people have for hundreds of years.

“One way to save energy during the cold winter months is to invest in a few warm cozy winter sweaters and scarfs to wear indoors during the winter months, while committing to keeping your home a little cooler than you’re used to during this time,” advised financial blogger Stacy Caprio (@Stacy4Startups).

“No need to make it uncomfortable, as long as you bundle up and stay warm by the fireplace, you should have a cozy winter and stay warm while doing it.”

Keep these heating tips in mind, and you’ll be through the winter before you know it! To learn more about how to save money on home maintenance, check out these related posts and articles from OppLoans:

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Stacy Caprio (@Stacy4Startups) is a blogger who lives in Chicago, IL, and loves helping people gain financial stability.
Sophie Kaemmerle is Communications Manager for NeighborWho (@UseNeighborWho). NeighborWho’s mission is simply to help you better understand your neighborhood. Learn about your neighbors, the houses on your street, current and past owners, access property reports and lookup public records. Public records are aggregated to compile in-depth reports on properties & people—NeighborWho provides a wealth of information at your fingertips.
Angie Lyons-Redman is the owner of four London based businesses in the renovation and construction industry including My Plumber Ltd (@MyPlumberLtd) and Soak Bathrooms.
Pete Sheridan is the founder and owner of Manchester-basedRyan Air Conditioning Spares Ltd (@AirConSpares), an Insulation & Air Conditioning Logistics company with multinational eCommerce Stores throughout the UK and Europe. He has over 25 years experience running warehouses as a business owner and entrepreneur.

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