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Major retailers are catching up with their online counterparts (*cough Amazon cough*) and offering nifty smartphone apps to make shopping IRL a better, cheaper, and more convenient experience.
Here are seven awesome apps that can make your next shopping trip less of a hassle—for both you and your budget.

1.    Walmart Savings Catcher 

Savings Catcher is actually only one part of the @Walmart app, but it’s an exceptional feature that deserves to be called out. Savings catcher lets you compare Walmart’s prices with those at other retailers in your area. If the app detects a lower price, Walmart will give you the difference on an eGift Card. Neat! The app also provides you with free 2-day shipping, inventory checks, Wal-Mart Pay, special savings deal, and it also lets you connect to the Walmart pharmacy.

2.    Target Cartwheel 

@Target offers a truly helpful in-store app that lets you increase your savings at by applying discounts to items that you regularly purchase. Here’s how it works. Use the app to browse through hundreds of available discounts and then select the ones that you want to use. Those get applied to your personal Cartwheel barcode, which you then scan at checkout. It’s as easy as that! And you can even use the app to scan the barcodes of items in-store to find deals right then and there.

3.    The JC Penney App 

If you’re a fan of @JCPenney, then you’re definitely a fan of sweet discounts. And enabling push notifications from the JC Penney app will let you know about all the latest deals being offered. The app will also allow you to order items from your phone with same-day pick up in-store; barcode scanning to help you check reviews and inventory; and easy access to your JC Penney rewards.

4.    The Best Buy Mobile App 

If you’re like most people, a trip to Best Buy can be pretty overwhelming. So many different brands and models! So many features that you don’t understand! It can be a lot to handle. That’s where the @BestBuy app will serve you well. It lets you check reviews and inventory for literally everything, which should help you narrow down your choices. The app also gives you access to your Best Buy points, daily deals, and lets you check the open box and clearance items store by store.

5.    The Home Depot App 

So take what we said about Best Buy being overwhelming and multiply that feeling times a million. That’s @HomeDepot! When shopping for hardware, comparing brands side-by-side on the spot can be crucial, that’s why the Home Depot app lets you do just that! You can even take a photo of a product and the app will show you other similar products that they have available. And if you’re having trouble finding an employee to answer your question, the app will let you chat with an expert right then and there.

6.    The CVS Pharmacy App 

This app is especially great if you are enrolled in the @CVS ExtraCare program, as the app will let you link up your ExtraCare card and manage all your ExtraBucks Rewards and exclusive discounts right from your phone. It also allows you to order and track your prescription refills from the pharmacy, and better manage your appointment at the MinuteClinic—it’ll even let you hold your place in line!

7.    The Kroger App 

Shopping lists are a major hassle. That’s why this app lets you create one online that you can carry around and update 24/7. The app is also a great place to manage all your Kroger’s digital coupons, even letting you add them to shopping list in order to better track your spending—super handy if you’re on a budget! You can view new offers, fulfill your prescription, and even manage and track your fuel points—all with just a few taps and swipes. Thanks, @Kroger!

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