7 Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts Under $30

From sweet brewery swag to truly amazeface beef jerky to a t-shirt that literally just says “Dad”—these gifts are guaranteed to bring a smile to your father’s face.

If your dad is like a lot of dads, then he’s probably hard to shop for.

This is an ongoing problem that has stumped prominent Dad-ologists for centuries. Dads already have all the albums they like. When a new book about history comes out they want to read, they just buy it. When their tools break—and they never break—they practically teleport to the hardware store to get a new one.

Maybe this explains why you have yet to get your dad a gift for father’s day this Sunday. (It’s definitely not because you procrastinated, right?) So now you’re scrambling trying to think of something that your dad would like—but that doesn’t empty out your already-pretty-empty bank account.

Don’t worry, kids. We got you. Here are seven gifts under $30 that you can order for your dad today. And though they probably won’t arrive in time for Father’s Day—that’s actually part of the plan. This way, you get to hand your dad a tracking number—which is basically the same thing as handing a kitten a piece of string. He’ll be in Dad heaven.

1. For dads who like beer and beer-related accessories.

Lots of dads enjoy a nice cold beer, but some dads are a bit more hardcore in their beer appreciation. Dads like these would love a gift from Swag Brewery (@SwagBrewery), which has greats gifts like beer-infused hot sauce, beer-scented candles, and even beer soap. Most of their products are available for under $30. Help your dad smell as good as his favorite lager with the Beer Soap 3-Pack for only $19.99.

2. For dads who have gone full Professor X.

If your dad shaves his head, then he probably needs a good razor. Why not get him the HeadBlade Moto (@headblade), an award-winning razor designed specifically for shaving the heads of dads and non-dads alike. The HeadBlade MOTO razor is available for $15.00 at HeadBlade.com. They also have a Limited Edition line of HeadBlades—the LE Fire Dept MOTO, LE Police Dept MOTO, and LE Military MOTO—where $1 from each $15 purchase will be donated to a non-profit.

3. For dads who love dried meats.

 If your dad is a meat-eating dad, then it’s a good bet that he loves jerky. (We have no evidence to back up this claim other than the fact that jerky is delicious.) House of Jerky (@HouseOfJerky) has a bunch of different jerky offerings that will sate any jerky-related craving that your dad could have—most for under $30! You can choose from flavors like Natural Beef, Black Pepper Brisket (a fan favorite) or something more exotic like Whiskey Rabbit, Kangaroo, or Python. Word of advice: you should probably try to figure out whether or not your dad would be into python jerky before you buy it.

4. For dads who are also still bros.

You don’t need to have a buddy getting married to enjoy all the awesome stuff on sale at GroovyGroomsmen.com. Having a fun-loving dad is good enough! Groovy Groomsmen  is a great place for dad-and dude-specific gifts. Available for under $30 are gifts like the stylish Aximum Effort Axe ($29.99), Stone Cold Whiskey Cubes ($24.99) or their Hand Stamped Tie Bar ($19.99). Even if your dad is a little basic, a gift from Groovy Groomsmen could help him level-up his style.

5. For dads who need to quit their day job.

Is your dad unhappy in his job and thinking about starting his own dad business? Why not get him a copy of Mom and Dadpreneurs:  Stories, Strategies and Tips from Super Achievers in Family & Business by Kelli Cabrese (@CalabreseKelli). The book is full of great, inspiring stories from renowned leaders and entrepreneurs that let parents know that their personal and financial goals are still possible—even with all the responsibilities that come with family. This book might be just the kick in the pants your dad needs to get off his butt and finally start making his dad dreams come true. You can find the book on Amazon.

6. For dads whose facial hair needs to be tamed and maintained.

Does your dad have a beard? Then what better way to show your appreciation for your dad then to help him take care of his thick, lustrous dad beard? The California Beard Company (@CaliforniaBeard) has a whole line of men’s grooming products all for under $30. They all make excellent gifts for Father’s Day and are made with organic and natural ingredients. Get your dad some beard oil, aftershave, or even a handmade beard comb. Your dad’s beard is important. It might be the most important thing about him. Help him take care of it.

7. For dads who love shirts

Look. If you’re going to dad, then you gotta dad hard. And what way to dad harder than with one of these fantastic “State Dad” t-shirts from RoyalMajesTees (@royalregards42). The shirt has the word “DAD” printed in it with the outline of the US state of your choice slotted in in place of the “A.” These shirts are fun, they’re funny, and they’re only $18-$22.00 depending on the size. You can purchase one in the RoyalMajestee Etsy store. It doesn’t matter if your dad is from Alabama, Michigan, or West Virginia, these shirts will let him show both his state and his dad pride for all to see!

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