8 Great Companies for Earning Extra Cash


Want to earn some more money, but aren’t super into the idea of getting a full-on second job? Two bosses, two timecards, two sets of annoying company “guidelines” to memorize? No thanks.

Lucky for you, it’s 2017. Thanks to a whole host of different apps and website, running a side hustle has never been easier. You can walk dogs, deliver food, drive people around–the choices are pretty much endless.
Here’s a list of eight companies that make earning extra income as hassle free as it can be.

1.    @CareDotCom

Do you have some spare nights and weekends and knack for babysitting or dog walking? Then you should create a profile on Care.com and look for caregiver gigs in your area! Care.com [www.Care.com] makes the search and hiring process much easier for folks on both sides of the equation.  Categories of care featured on the site included tutors, daycare, nannies, adult and senior care, pet sitters and housekeepers.

2.    @Lyft

Grab yourself a piece of the sharing economy by becoming a driver with Lyft [www.Lyft.com]. You can get started by downloading their app and creating a driver profile. The company will then do background and DMV checks before giving you the greenlight to start picking up passengers. You keep a portion of the ride fees and 100% of your tips, plus you’ll get insurance coverage through Lyft while you’re driving. Take advantage of surge pricing to make your rides go even further!

3.    @RoverDotCom

This is a great way to earn extra income if you work from home or have a nontraditional schedule. (Oh and liking dogs is also pretty important.) Through Rover.com [www.Rover.com], you can sign up to work as a dog walker or sitter. All qualified applications need to do is create a profile and connect with pet parents in their area that are in need of assistance. If you love dogs, but don’t have the flexibility to walk them regularly, why not get paid to have one stay at your house while its owners are out of town on vacation? Plus, general liability coverage and 24/7 support (including vet assistance) is provided.

4.    @Airbnb

Do you have an extra room in your home that’s just sitting idle? Well, you can turn that room into income by renting it out to travelers through AirBnB  [www.Airbnb.com]. If you’re really serious about your earning potential, you could even rent out your entire home and stay over with friends—although it would be polite to give them a cut. AirBnB is a leader in the sharing economy. Create a host profile today and start connecting with travelers looking to save money by steering clear of expensive hotels.

5.    @TaskRabbit

With so many families needing two full-time incomes nowadays to make things work, it’s not surprising that they’re willing to pay to get smaller tasks taken care of. If you have skills as a cleaner or a handyman, you can sign up for TaskRabbit [www.TaskTabbit.com] and start getting paid to do your neighbor’s chores and repairs. Heck, you don’t even need special skills for some of these tasks—like packing boxes, building furniture, or running errands. Extra time and energy will serve you just fine.

6.    @Upwork

This is a great site to find work if you have skills as a writer, web developer, or even as a customer service rep. Businesses all over the country—especially small ones—need help writing copy, creating websites or social media pages, and handling the extra customer loads during busy seasons. With UpWork [www.Upwork.com], you can create a profile for your services and then connect with businesses that need help. The site covers many different categories of work and can provide help with invoicing and payments.

7.    @Wyzant

Tutoring is one of those few ancient professions that is still in high demand. Kids are always going to need help with their more difficult subjects. If you have a bunch of knowledge from chemistry, math and English classes that’s just sitting around in your brain gathering dust, why not put it good use and earn some extra dough? Create a profile on Wyzant [www.Wyzant.com] and get in touch with parents in your area whose kid’s need help studying. You can work according to your schedule, and Wyzant will help you track your time and payments to make sure you get properly compensated.

8.    @Postmates

If people are willing to pay to have stuff delivered, then that means you can earn money being the one who delivers it. Postmates [www.Postmates.com] is a company that lets folks order food and groceries from any restaurant or any store and have them brought right to their door. You don’t even have to have a car to work with them, you can do it on a bike or on foot. (Of course, having a car means you’ll be able to accept more gigs.) This is a great gig for people who can work on nights and weekends since that’s when most people are ordering food or other goods.

If you want to learn more about starting a side hustle, check out our interview with Nick Loper, founder of Side Hustle Nation.


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