7 Great Deal Sites to Save You Money Today


February can be tough. The weather is cold and gray, the holidays are over, and your home energy bills are likely never higher than they are now. If the combination of low temperatures and even lower funds has you going stir-crazy, don’t worry!

OppLoans has your back with these great deal sites for deep discounts on fun, shopping, and even travel! Take that, winter blues!

1. RetailMeNot.com

RetailMeNot (@RetailMeNot) is our favorite place to find the latest coupons and discount codes offered by major retailers. They have deals across dozens of categories (from accessories to party supplies, all the way through travel) and even deals that are offered exclusively on their site.

2. SlickDeals.net

SlickDeals is an online community of frugal-minded folks. SlickDeals members find deals and share them on the site, the community votes on which they like the best, and the site’s editors then share the most popular deals on the SlickDeals Frontpage for everyone to see. You can also check out their forums for discussions about a wide array of deals and discount types.

Keep up to date with them on Twitter at @SlickDeals.

3. Groupon

Ah, yes. The granddaddy of deal sites. Some of the buzz has faded from Groupon (@Groupon) over the years, but they are still churning out fantastic deals every day for both local businesses, vacation destinations, and a whole host of great products. Unlike other sites, Groupon cooks up their deals in-house, which means you can’t get these offers anywhere else!

4. Coupons.com  

We know. We know. Their URL makes it kind of hard to tell what they do. So let’s clear up any and all confusion right here and now: If you want coupons, then Coupons.com is a great place to find them. Their no-frills site has printable coupons, coupon codes, and cash-back offers galore.

Find them on Twitter at @Coupons. (Again! So confusing!)

5. Woot

Do you like your bargains with a heavy slathering of whimsy? Then Woot.com is the site for you. Combining strange and hilarious product descriptions with reduced prices is their recipe for success. Woot.com doesn’t offer coupons to other business, they offer you item (all kinds of items) for direct purchase. Oh, and it’s also a place where you can buy discounted wine, which is always a plus.

See what they’re up to on Twitter at @woot.

6. FatWallet

FatWallet (@FatWallet) is another awesome coupon site, where you can find the latest deals, sales and discount codes for 1,7000 online stores. They also have exclusive offers available only on FatWallet.com, as well as forums where you can share new deals and shopping tips. Check out their Hand Picked Deals for the very best the site has to offer, and make sure you stop here early and often during the holidays for special seasonal sales and doorbusters.

7. Brad’s Deals

The good folks at Brad’s Deals (@BradsDeals) want to help you shop smarter. That’s why the deals and offers on their site are easily sortable by category and retailer. And it’s also why they provide a variety of shopping guides to help you learn the best practices and choose the offer that works best for you. The site includes offers for credit cards and concert or theater tickets.

8. Coupon Sherpa

At Coupon Sherpa, they keep things simple. They have a homepage with a search bar. That’s it. Because when you have 80,000 different coupons on the site, you don’t need to get all fancy-shmancy. If there is a coupon out there that you desire, then Coupon Sherpa will guide you right to it.

Follow your sherpa at @CouponSherpa.

Most of these websites have apps as well, so you should make sure to check those out. And if you think that your new couponeering prowess pair nicely with a newfound plan for financial responsibility, then may we recommend following us on Twitter at @OppLoans. We’re always sharing tips, tricks, our latest blog posts, and other great reads from around the Internet.

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