8 Women of Personal Finance You Should Follow on Twitter Today!


What’s true for friendships can also be true for your Twitter feed. Surround yourself with people you admire and you can become pretty admirable yourself! Here are eight of our favorite personal finance-focused Twitter handles. Follow these ladies for great financial advice, tactics and humor today!

1.    Felicia Blaise – @feliciablaise

If you’re a millennial wondering why your bank account is always running dry (so basically, if you’re a millennial period), then check out Felicia Blaise, a personal finance expert whose writings and strategies are specifically geared towards the millennial experience. You can read her recent posts on her website, FeliciaBlaise.com. She’s even got a free “Dollars-N-Sense” course that you can take over email! Following Felicia on Twitter will give you a direct line to her work, her wisdom, and her words of inspiration. What are you waiting for?!

2.    Casey Bond – @CaseyLynnBond

If you’re drowning in student loan debt and have never checked out Student Loan Hero – then you’ve you’re about to find your new favorite site. Casey Bond is the site’s content director, and her Twitter feed is filled with great articles from the Student Loan Hero team about a range of topics—from dealing with student loan debt to saving for retirement to improving your credit score, and so much more. Click “follow” on Casey’s account right now and your long-term finances will be weeping with gratitude.

3.    Beth Tallman – @BTallman4

Beth Tallman is one of the country’s leading Financial Literacy educators. She’s taught and coordinated financial literacy programs at Oberlin College and also worked as the Director of Education for CentSai, a website that teaches financial literacy through storytelling. Beth is a superb follow on Twitter because she is always sharing and commenting on the latest news and trends in personal finance and financial literacy. Wanna get educated? Beth is the follow for you.

(Check out our 2016 Q&A with Beth Tallman here .)

4.    Catherine Alford – @CatCAlford

Catherine Alford is a world-class expert in personal finance—with a special emphasis on family finances. She’d been quoted in tons of publications and has even been featured on Good Morning America. Follow her on Twitter to learn how she turned a simple blog into a full-time career as a writer, speaker and entrepreneur, or check out her website: CatherineAlford.com.

5.    Cherie Lowe – @Thequeenoffree

Custom dictates that you kneel when in the presence of a queen – and Cherie Lowe is most definitely the Queen of Free! Alongside her husband, Brian, Cherie was able to pay off $127,000 in debt. She blogs at QueenOfFree.net about ways to save, pay down debt, take advantage of special offers, and inspiration to stay the debt-free course. She’s even written a book titled “Slaying the Debt Dragon.” Follow her for a whole host of tips, tricks, and ways you can make your way to a debt-free life today.

6.    Jessica Moorhouse – @jessi_moorhouse

If you’re the reading type, you should read all the great articles and blog posts that personal finance expert Jessica Moorhouse. And if you’re more the listening type—have we got some really great news for you. Jessica’s got a podcast too! It’s called Mo’ Money and features more great financial advice than you can probably handle. Jessica’s twitter feed is a great way to stay on top of all the great work she’s cranking out. You can subscribe to her podcast on  iTunesSoundCloud and YouTube, and you should also check out her website: JessicaMoorhouse.com.

(We talked with Jessica about how to manage money in a relationship.)

7.    Tia Chambers – @finfitandfab

Tia Chambers has only been blogging under Financially Fit and Fab for barely a year now, but the site is really rising up the ranks of the personal finance blogs you must read on the regular. Her approach focuses on finance for millennials, and she’s great at breaking down complex subjects into easily digestible posts. Follow her on twitter to make sure you don’t miss a single post!

8.    Niv Persaud, CFP – @TransitionPG

Niv Persaud is the founder and managing director Transition Planning and Guidance, which focuses on the 5 P’s of Life: Personal Relationships, Personal Finance, Profession, Peace of Mind, and Physical Health. As she states on her website TransitionPG.com, “While money helps you achieve many goals, it’s not the only thing to consider when developing a financial plan.” Niv’s twitter feed is a great source for financial wisdom and inspiration. Do yourself a favor and start following her today.

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