Finance Fridays: Another Rough Week for Payday Loans

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Payday loans continued to make headlines for all the wrong reasons this week. Between more cities and states enacting tougher regulations against payday loans, criminal banking practices coming to light, and socially responsible lending innovators winning major awards (what?) this was a busy week. At OppLoans, we track these stories closely because nothing is more important to us than helping borrowers avoid these predatory lenders and their bad products. So, for payday loan and personal finance newshounds like us, this was another big week of headlines.

Check out all the lending, saving, and budgeting stories that hit our radar this week. We’ve put one favorite at the top (shout out to socially responsible lending!) followed by more helpful money tips and articles for you to enjoy. Happy (Finance) Friday!

Here are our top 10 personal finance stories from this week:

MacArthur Foundation: the 2016 “Genius Grants” were just announced and one of them caught our eye. José A. Quiñonez founded the Mission Asset Fund in San Francisco to facilitate lending circles in unbanked communities, helping folks establish a credit history from scratch. That’s … oh, what’s the word … genius!

New York Times: Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren is not happy with Wells Fargo.

Cosmopolitan: Weddings are very expensive, so here’s 19 ways to save money while still celebrating your special day.

Telegraph-Forum: This article examines the effects of the CFPB’s proposed rules on payday lenders in Ohio. How does having student loan debt affect your ability to get a home mortgage?

NerdWallet: Have bad credit? Let a financial expert explain how you can recover.

Forbes: Retirement is going to arrive sooner than you think. Here’s three ways you can save money to support you in your golden years.

Yahoo! News: The Holidays are coming. Do you have money for gifts? If the answer is no, check out some ways you can save money this fall.

Huffington Post: Entrepreneurs are famous for being thrifty, but here are some methods to make sure that you are cutting your costs effectively.

ICYMI this week on the OppLoans Blog:

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Have a great weekend everybody!

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