Decide On Your Adventure:

Bad Credit Bayou

With interactive stories making a big comeback (Thanks Netflix!), we figured it was the perfect time to sink into the murky depths of … Bad Credit Bayou.

Your uncle always used to tell you stories about his days as a conman, swindling casino owners out of the gold in their vaults. But don’t feel too badly for them. They were the crookedest casino owners you could possibly imagine. Seriously, think of the most crooked casino owner you can, and then imagine they were ten times as crooked. That’s still not even one one-hundredth as crooked as these casino owners were.

Before he passed on, he told you he wanted to leave that gold to you. But it won’t be easy. Because he hid the gold in a cave in the middle of a swamp.

And not just any swamp. The Bad Credit Bayou.

It’s a dangerous place for a credit score. You may have been paying all of your bills on time, but just a few minutes in the Bad Credit Bayou can do more harm to your credit than a rollovered payday loan mixed with a cash advance you forgot to pay back.

And that’s before you even start to consider all the different hazards lurking below the bog’s surface. And also in the bog’s trees. There’s danger pretty much throughout the whole bog.

In this Decide On Your Adventure tale, it will be up to you to choose what happens. Will you find the gold, or will the swamp swallow your credit whole? Pay attention to your surroundings, don’t let down your guard, read up on some financial basics, and you just might survive…

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