Cheapskate, Episode 1: Chriskindlmarket

Cheapskate, Episode 1: Chriskindlmarket

A new web series from OppLoans finds out just how far you can get with only ten bucks!

100 years ago, ten bucks was worth a lot more than it is today. In fact, a ten-dollar bill in 1916 was worth approximately $221 in modern money.[1] That’s over 20 times as much! Imagine all you could buy with $221. That’s a big chunk of your holiday shopping—maybe all of your holiday shopping—with just a single, measly ten-dollar bill.

Still, even in 2016, ten dollars is nothing to sneeze at. There’s a lot you can still do with $10! How much? Let’s find out! In this OppLoans series, we’re going to see just how much value we can squeeze out of a ten-dollar bill at some of our favorite attractions and events. Starting with the annual holiday Chriskindlmarket in downtown Chicago. It’s a beautiful place, full of holiday cheer, delicious yuletide delicacies, and prices that range from jolly to frosty.

Join the intrepid Matt, as he attempts to enjoy the Chriskindlmarket using only his wits, a sensible winter coat, and a slightly wrinkled $10 bill. Oh, and he also has to avoid Krampus—the horrifying German anti-Santa.

Welcome to the first episode of our brand new web series, Cheapskate

Chriskindlmarket Prices

Hot Pretzel: $5
Potato Pancakes: $6
Sauerkraut: $3
Squirrel Whistle: $9.95
Pickled Herring Roll: $8
Krampus: Terrifying
Brownie: $4
Marzipan Pigs: $4
Tip: $1

Let OppLoans help you take your money further! If you want to see how far we can get on ten dollars at an event or festival near you, drop us a line on Facebook or Twitter and let us know!

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