Finance Friday: If the Cubs Can Do It, So Can You!

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As a Chicago-based company, we’re riding pretty high this week. Not only did our Cubs beat the San Francisco Giants in a miraculous come-from-behind win to advance to the NLCS, but OppLoans was also ranked on Built In Chicago’s Top 100 Digital Companies in Chicago!

So no matter what your personal finance situation is, just take some inspiration from the Cubbies. If they can break The Curse of the Billy Goat, then you can definitely get your budget under control.

Here are our top personal finance stories from this week:

It’s true! OppLoans has been ranked on the BuiltinChicago Top 100 Digital companies!

Los Angeles Times: Due to the ongoing (and ongoing and ongoing) criticism of the company in the wake of their “fake accounts” scandal, Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf has resigned.

Wall Street Journal: The Supreme Court is set to hear an important case that could affect the future of debt collections. Google’s ban on payday lending ads isn’t quite going as expected.

Variety: Vice Media is launching a website entirely devoted to personal finance called Vice Money.

Chicago Tribune: Our hometown paper on the importance of new regulations to curb predatory payday lending. Here’s a list of the biggest sources of debt from state to state.

Military Times: The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has ordered Navy Federal Credit Union to pay out $23 million due to deceptive collection practices. One of the best parts of being financially stable is the opportunity to travel. Here are some ideas for how best to save for your dream vacation. Video games used to be about evading ghosts while eating fruit in a maze. But nowadays, even living your Mafioso fantasies require sticking to a budget.

Yahoo Finance: Did you know that your fingernails and hair keep growing after you die? They do! On a somewhat related note, here’s a story about what happens to your credit score after you die.

ICYMI this week on the OppLoans blog:

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Have a greet weekend!

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