Finance Friday: Football is Back!

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Well, now it’s really official: Fall is here. The NFL season kicked off last night with a Super Bowl rematch between the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos. (The Broncos won. Again.) From here on out, whether you’re a fan or not, football is going to rule the cultural landscape. Enjoy. Or sorry. Whichever is more appropriate.

If the turn of the season has you thinking about all the financial responsibilities that come with it (tuition, home heating bills, holiday shopping—too soon?), then check out this week’s most relevant personal finance news below. These stories will get you and your wallet ready for whatever fall has in store. Game on.

Here are our Top 10 personal finance stories from this week: Looking to save money this autumn? Here are 26 tips and tricks to help you save money for the holiday season.

Business Insider: Here are some ways that college students can save precious pennies on everything from textbooks to transportation.

Mashable: Here are 11 small ways you can save money every day. Over time, they may just add up!

New York Times: Wells Fargo was fined $185 million for accounts that were fraudulently opened by its employees. The bank claims that they have already fired at least 5,300 employees over the practice. Yikes.

Washington Post: Surprisingly, it is not always a great idea to pay your students loans off ahead of schedule.

Sacramento Bee: A great op-ed that proposes reasonable solutions for student loan reform.

New York Post: The leading cause of stress for New Yorkers? Personal debt. Numbers 2-10 on the list? The New York Knicks.

The Kansas City Star: A judge ruled that this payday lender can’t use frozen assets to continue his $8,000-a-month lifestyle. Many “world’s tiniest violin” jokes ensue.

CNBC: That home mortgage with little money down sound too good to be true? Well, it probably is.

Indy Star: After ITT Tech shut its doors this week, students are unsure what their futures hold.

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