Finance Friday: The Push for Financial Literacy!

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Well, it was quite a week for personal finance news! The Wells Fargo scandal continues, mortgage rates slip to a three-month low, and several organizations join us in the fight for financial literacy. We paid close attention to the stories that affect you and your wallet, and compiled the top 10 for easy reading! We also offer OppU so you can better understand your money through a series of short courses.

These are all the personal finance, financial literacy, and budgeting/saving articles that deserve your attention this week. Learn some new savings tips, or just stay up to date on current finance news. Happy (Finance) Friday everybody!

Here are our top 10 personal finance articles from this week:

The Washington Post: Critics say Wells Fargo CEO should forfeit more than $41 million after sales scandal.

Bloomberg: How would a Trump or Clinton presidency affect your finances? Bloomberg offers a helpful Personal-Finance Guide to the debates and the election.

MarketWatch: How much will you spend on Halloween this year? Experts say Halloween spending may reach an all-time high!

Bankrate: It might be time to refinance! Mortgage rates slip to a three-month low.

Forbes: Don’t underestimate how important it is to save! This Nigerian fintech startup helps you save for life’s big moments.

Military Times: Set your kids up for financial success with these five financial literacy finds for parents!

Nasdaq: Learn to avoid destructive behaviors in your personal finance journey!

The Daily Free Press: Keep your eye on LearnLux, a Boston-based startup making financial literacy possible among millennials.

Consumer Affairs: Get the low-down on how to start saving from Consumer Affairs reporter Mark Huffman.

The Motley Fool: Do your finances need a makeover? Here are 15 things you should stop wasting money on.


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Have a great weekend everybody!

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