Finance Friday: A good week for personal finance news? That’s debatable.

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For personal finance junkies, this week was a big one. From the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Monthly Complaint Report, to the continuing controversy at Wells Fargo, to—oh yeah—a little talk here and there about our presidential candidates’ finances, the one thing you can say about this week is that it was never, ever boring …

Here are our top personal finance stories from this week:

Kansas City Star: Thinking of taking out a payday loan? Well, this payday lender have been ordered to pay back $1.266 billion due to their deceptive and misleading business practices. Why don’t you try a personal installment loan from OppLoans instead?

Motley Fool: Here’s a great piece that debunks 11 common (and harmful) myths about credit scores.

CFPB: The most recent addition of the Monthly Complaint Report is out with a spotlight on complaints over money transfers.

Bloomberg: The bad news for Wells Fargo continues. This week they were sanctioned by the US Justice Department for improperly repossessing cars. Oh, and those cars belonged to members of the US military. Ouch. Ready for another? If you were one of the 500,000 who had a fraudulent Wells Fargo account created in your name, closing that account could actually hurt your credit score.

Yahoo Finance: Of all the reasons to carry around a tiny photo of actor Terry Crews in your wallet, “to help save money” might just be the best.

The Baltimore Sun: The bankrupt retailer USA Discounters is going to forgive $95.9 million in consumer debt due to abusive and unfair business practices.

New York Times: When you have a family, driving might be more affordable than flying, but there are still extra ways for you to save.

ICYMI this week on the OppLoans blog:

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