Finance Friday: It’s Labor Day Weekend!

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It’s a three-day weekend, college football is back, and there’s still that last hint of warm summer weather. Take some time this weekend to stare lovingly at your lawn furniture and give your barbecue grill a gentle caress. If you are one of those lucky people who actually owns and regularly uses a hammock, well it is time to get your swinging in! Labor Day is upon us. Summer’s last stand.

Enjoy this weather while it lasts folks. We know you’ve got entire seasons of shows burning a hole in your Netflix queue, but those can wait. Don’t worry, the X-Files ain’t gonna solve themselves while you’re gone. Go outside and enjoy yourself. Oh, and make sure to bring sunscreen and bug spray because, hey, summer ain’t perfect.

Here are our top 10 favorite stories from this week: 101 Ways to Save Money? Man that’s …. whoa … that’s … a lot of ways.

Huffington Post: Just like the best offense is a good defense, the best way to save money might just be changing your behaviors around purchasing …

Las Vegas Review-Journal: When it comes to payday loans, senior citizens are often the ones who suffer the most. Two competing ballot measures are duking it out in South Dakota. One is aimed at curbing payday lenders, the other is aimed at “curbing” payday lenders. (The scare quotes are key.) The rise in storage units might be a bad omen for the health of the US economy. Need an EpiPen? Here’s some ways to get one while saving money. This article busts five popular myths surrounding credit scores. It’s like an episode of Mythbusters only nothing gets blown up … so … okay it’s not nearly as cool as Mythbusters, sorry. A great piece on the effect that buying a house can have on your credit score.

CultureMap Dallas: The State Fair of Texas starts today. Here’s a list of every Fair-related discount out there.

Bloomberg BNA: Two banks may be staring down the barrel of RICO claims in regards to their involvement with payday loans.

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Have a great Labor Day weekend!

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