Know Money, Win Money! Episode 10: Christkindlmarket


Ho ho ho! Merry Know Money, Win Money! We went to Christkindlmarket (@ChristmasCHI), a traditional German holiday market in the heart of Chicago. Surrounded by the scents of mulled wine, sausages, latkes, and hot cocoa, we asked people holiday-themed questions and then handed out some extra gift money.

Tear off the wrapping and check it out!

First, we asked which country spends the most on holiday shopping. Although your go-to assumption might be that we spend the most right here in the consumerist, hyper-capitalist U S of A, the United Kingdom loves spending Christmas money even more than we do.

The Christmas celebrations in the UK are pretty similar to what we do here, just with a little more Christmas pudding.

Afterwards, we asked how much Americans said they were planning to spend this holiday season. The answer? $970. That certainly sounds like a lot, but it is an average, so there might be a few reformed Scrooges buying presents and roast geese for the whole town who are bringing the average up.

For anyone who answered all the questions right and got an extra $30, we can only assume they’ll be spending $1,000 instead.

We hope this episode has warmed up your chilly holiday season. From us here at the OppLoans Financial Sense Blog to you, may you have the happiest of holidays!

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