Know Money, Win Money! Episode 14: Winter Brewfest


Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug! Here at Know Money, Win Money, we work hard, but we also … make a responsible amount of time for partying, like when we recently visited Winter Brewfest at the DANK Haus German cultural center.

There were brewers from all around Chicago offering samplings of their creations. Lagers, stouts, and IPAs of every sort flowed freely. As did the questions. Questions about the money side of the beer business that could provide cash to anyone who answered them correctly.

Or at least, anyone we heard answering them correctly. It was a little loud.

Do you know what the most popular beer in America is? Some of the people we asked knew WHAZZZZAAAAP. Some of the people we asked were up for whatever. Some of the people we asked were… dilly, dilly. Are these hints helping you out yet?

That’s right, it’s Bud Light. And it’s not even close. Bud Light sells almost twice as many bottles as Coors Light, the next closest competitor. Up until recently, straight up Budweiser had the third spot, but now Miller Lite has knocked it out of there.

For our next question, we asked which country drinks the most beer per capita. Is it the United States? Although we love our beer, we don’t even crack the top ten.

It must be Germany then, right? Germans are so serious about their beer, they’ve even had special beer purity laws for centuries. Or at least we think it’s centuries. We aren’t going to check. But it’s not Germany either! It’s the Czech Republic. We’re already planning our trip!

We hope that episode left you refreshed. We’ll see you next time!

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