Know Money, Win Money! Episode 8: Thanksgiving Football

Know Money, Win Money

What’s the first word that comes to your mind when you think of Thanksgiving?

Turkey? Sure, that makes sense. But what comes next?

Pilgrims? OK, fine. So where does “football” rank on that list?

Sixth?! OK, we should have asked a sports fan. And speaking of asking sports fans, that’s exactly what we did! We went to a Chicago Bears game and asked tailgaters some financial questions about football and Thanksgiving. Game on!

Our first question was about the 2017 Super Bowl, and what the average price of a ticket was the week before the game. To the surprise of some tailgaters, it was $4,300. That might seem like a lot for one ticket, and sure, if you were a Patriots fan and had seen them win quite a few Super Bowls, it might be a little rich for your blood. But if you were a Falcons fan, that price might have seemed a little reasonable. After all, this might have been your only chance to see them almost win but instead lose in excruciating and historically awful fashion!

For our next question, we asked what Americans spent over $4,000,000,000 on in the weeks leading up to the 2016 Super Bowl. A lot of the people we asked figured it was chicken wings or beer. And that’s a good guess because Americans do spend hundreds of millions of dollars on each of those things. Still, the only way you could get to four billion is if you had at least a few people straight up spending a million dollars on a thing, and while there are people who could afford to drop a million bucks on chicken wings, they’d probably sooner gamble it. It makes sense then, that the answer is unsanctioned gambling.

Finally, we asked how much Americans spend on turkey in the week leading up to Thanksgiving. As you might expect, it’s a lot! Specifically, it’s $201,000,000. Gobble gobble!

We hope you eat all the turkey and get all the touchdowns this Thanksgiving. See you next time!

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