Know Money, Win Money! Episode 15: Con Alt Delete (Part 2)


Konnichiwa, Knowtakus. You didn’t think we’d only have one episode at the Con Alt Delete anime convention, did you?

Well, maybe you did, in which case this is your lucky day. Because—surprise—we have another episode of Know Money, Win Money at Con Alt Delete! There were Pokemon plushies and cosplay galore. Speaking of Pokemon, we may have even had a question about it (SPOILER ALERT: we did).

Now let’s play a rousing theme song that’s mostly Japanese with some English words shouted during the chorus and watch the newest episode:

First, we asked what the highest grossing anime film was. For a very long time, it was Spirited Away, Hayao Miyzaki’s 2001 classic about a girl who has to travel through a Japanese spirit world wonderland after her parents are turned into pigs.

But in 2016, it was dethroned by Your Name, the story of a rural high school girl and a city-dwelling high school boy who switch bodies every so often. It’s supposed to be good, so check it out if you can find a way.

Remember that Pokemon-related question we mentioned earlier? Well, here it is! We asked how much the entire Pokemon franchise—games, cards, TV, movies, all of it—had made as of March 2017.

The answer is in the billions. $55 billion. If that were the GDP of a country, it would be right between Uruguay and Belarus. And we all know what the national anthem of that country would be.

That’s all for now. Next time you see us, be sure to catch it all. Catch all the cash, that is!

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