Know Money, Win Money! Episode Five: Go Cubs Go!

Know Money, Win Money

Take me out to the ballgame, take me out to the … Know Money, Win Money?! That’s right! It’s another episode of our, ahem, “hit” internet game show! We went to the Cubs game right after they clinched the playoffs to see what the fans knew about the financial side of baseball.

Wrigleyville was buzzing with fans getting ready to watch the Cubs play the Cincinnati Reds, hoping for a victory. And their hopes were not in vain because, in just a few hours, the Cubs would be triumphant. But before that, the “knowingest” among them would become the “winningest” by getting cash for answering the following baseball questions correctly.

Our first question was about the largest contract in baseball so far. It was signed by Miami Marlin Giancarlo Stanton in 2014, and a few of the people we interviewed correctly answered that it was worth 325 million dollars. That’s a lot of peanut butter and cracker jacks! If you’re wondering who had the biggest contract before that, it was none other than Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez, with a measly $275 million dollars.

Next, we asked what the most expensive stadium to attend a game is, snacks and all. Most people thought it was Yankee Stadium, given the New York team’s high rolling reputation, but it’s actually Fenway Park! Yep, the real green monster is cold hard cash! As the oldest baseball stadium in America (and let’s face it, probably the world), your tickets have the tacked on cost of history.

Finally, since we were right outside Wrigley, we asked how much the price of an average ticket to Wrigley Field was during the 2016 World Series. That question ended up getting cut from the video, but we’ll give you the answer anyway: $3,000 dollars. But can you really put a price on seeing a Cub Series win?

Yes, and it’s $3,000 dollars.

We hope you enjoyed this batty edition of Know Money, Win Money. We’ll be looking out for you next time!

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