Know Money, Win Money! Episode Four: Wizard World

Know Money, Win Money

Excelsior! Are you ready for the newest issue of Know Money, Win Money? We went to Wizard World Comic Con in Chicago (Okay, Rosemont) to ask people questions about sci-fi and fantasy, and then give them some Darseks… er… dollars… if they got them right. Check it out:

We started out by asking what is the most expensive fantasy film franchise?

Was it…

A. Lord of the Rings

B. Pirates of the Caribbean

C. Harry Potter

One might assume it’s Lord of the Rings, with its long run times and expansive magical landscapes. Or maybe Harry Potter, with its eight movies and expansive magical landscapes. But it’s actually Pirates of the Caribbean! Even though it has fewer films than Harry Potter (as of this writing, though, they seem to release a new one every other hour) those big stars come with a hefty price tag.

Our second question focused on the most famous and valuable comic books ever: Action Comics Number One, the debut of Superman. Specifically, we asked people how much an issue of the iconic comic last sold for.

Was it…

A. $540,000

B. $3.2 million

C. $5.6 million

The answer? 3.2 million dollars. Just be sure not to store it next to your kryptonite, or it’ll lose all of its value.

Next,  we took a break from the usual questions to find a cosplayer and ask him how much his Deadpool costume cost to make. Once we found out, we took him around to see who could guess right. (We gave the winner cash; Deadpool got a chimichanga!)

Finally, we asked which spacecraft, according to a British energy company, would cost multiple octillions of dollars to power for just a day.

Was it…

A. The Justice League Satellite

B. The Death Star

C. The Starship Enterprise 

C’mon, what else could it be but the Death Star? That’s pretty expensive, but at least it’ll never be blown up!

We’ve got another Wizard World episode in the pipeline, as well as other fun episodes to come. Look out for us on the street and you might just win some cash!

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