Know Money, Win Money! Episode 13: Con Alt Delete


Hey there, money fans! Is that a good name for people who watch Know Money, Win Money? “Money fans” would probably describe a lot of people. Would “Knowies” be better?

Actually, let’s go with “Knowtakus,” from the Japanese word “otaku,” because this week we went to otaku-central—or as you may know it—the Con Alt Delete anime convention to ask some very animated money questions!


There were all sorts of costumes on display, some from popular anime like Attack on Titan all the way to more obscure anime like a bunch we didn’t recognize.

We also saw video-game characters galore, like Marios and Links and Zeldas—plus at least four Tommy Wiseaus for some reason.


Now onto the questions!

Do you know what the most expensive anime film of all time is?

No, it’s not Spirited Away. It’s Steamboy! The movie is about a young boy in an alternate-world steampunk Victorian London who must protect a special device. It also took over ten years to make!

On the topic of money, our next question was about the yen to dollar conversion rate. It’s 110 yen to the dollar! So get over to Japan, cause you can be over a hundred times richer if you don’t understand how conversion rates work. Hope you made a reservation at Jiro’s restaurant far enough in advance!

Stay tuned for even more adventures, and we’ll see you next time, Knowtakus!

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