How to Lose Weight Without a Gym in 2018

How to Lose Weight Without a Gym

Skip the pricey gym memberships and work out at home, use an app to keep you on track, and find a friend to help keep you accountable!

We aren’t sure what the most common New Year’s resolution is and we’re not going to look it up. But if we had to guess, we’d assume it’s joining a gym—or going to the gym you already joined more often. Or at all. That seems to be the go-to choice whenever any sitcom character is making a resolution, and sitcoms wouldn’t lie to us, would they?

Unfortunately, gym memberships can be quite costly. We’ve written as much before. But with a new year and new resolutions, there’s no better time to go over all the ways you can lose weight without a gym.

Household workouts

What’s better than a free gym? A gym you don’t even have to leave your house to use! Working out at home is a far more affordable option and you don’t have to worry about strangers sweating all over the machines. That’s probably why it was a common suggestion among the experts we talked to.

“The best is to do what I have done, set up a gym at home,” suggested personal trainer and world champion powerlifter Robert Herst. “That way one can weight train heavy and stress the spine and long bones to build bone density and muscle without having to deal with inconvenient hours or crowds. Short of that, one can get minimalist equipment such as resistance bands and a chin-up bar to train at home. One can also set up programs using body weight exercises and the available environment such as stairs and benches, and water bottles. One just needs to be creative.”

You could also attempt a specific program. Timothy Platt, founder and proprietor of (@fitatmidlife), offers some examples:

“Regarding this topic, a very interesting option is the ‘Travel WOD’ (Workout of the Day) that is used a lot in CrossFit. What is that exactly? It’s the home and travel-friendly, no-equipment, no-gym workout that CrossFitters can employ when on the road, or when they otherwise can’t get to the gym. Typical exercises include: running, air squats, burpees, jumping jacks – and usually some sort of time constraint – such as Tabata intervals (an intensity training method) or simply trying to beat the clock (performing the exercise ‘for time’). To be honest, if you’ve got bodyweight (and everyone does) you’ve got a workout. If somebody doesn’t think this is an effective training method – I recommend they perform 20 burpees in a row – and get back to me. It’s quite intense, especially when racing the clock.”

How can you learn more about the “Travel WOD?” On the internet of course! And that’s not all that you can learn about online.

Make use of technology

Although we live in a much more sedentary time, it’s also easier to get a workout plan together than ever before. Unlike the cockney bodybuilders lifting steam engines in Victorian London, we can access any kind of exercise plan we would like.

“Take advantage of the technology around you,” advised Laura Arndt, NSCA-CSCS and CEO of the upcoming Matriac app (@matriarcapp). “YouTube, online articles, and apps offer a variety of exercises you can do at home. If you find an instructor or style you like, you can continue to do their videos for minimal cost.”

Platt also shared his own online program:

“I have developed a free tool on the website This page will randomly present one of hundreds of travel and home friendly, no-equipment workout ideas, as well as the relevant timer needed for the exercise. It’s free and works on smartphone, tablet, Windows, and PC—but with no app to download or install.”

Susan Vernicek is the creator and editor of (@IdentityMag), which has a section with all sorts of strategies women can use to stay fit. Vernicek even offered her own strategy for staying fit affordably:

“I workout 6 out of 7 days a week from home, about 30 minutes a day. I have access to hundreds of workout programs. I can workout anywhere, anytime. I have an included nutrition plan. I have a coach—full time that I can tap into anytime. For all of this, I pay about $3.50 a day!

“This has been so worth it—game-changer and I’ve been successful with this plan for one year now!”

Get a buddy

Staying disciplined is hard, especially as the year goes on and you get busier and busier. That’s why it’s important to make a pact with a friend or friends—or strangers who you’ve put through a thorough background check.

“Find a workout buddy that lives close by and make a point to exercise together,” Arndt told us. “You’ll be fulfilling your workout needs and be able to stay social at the same time.”

With a friend in your corner, there’s nothing you can’t do! And guess what? We here at the OppLoans Financial Sense Blog know you can do it and we’re rooting for you! We’re like a workout buddy, except please don’t wake us up for a dawn run. We’re super not into that.

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Laura_Arndt_1 editedLaura Arndt (@matriarcapp) is the CEO of two health and wellness companies. She is a certified personal trainer, certified strength and conditioning specialist, and a certified pilates instructor.
Robert HerstRobert Herst is a personal trainer, weight loss and wellness coach, and powerlifter (19 time World Champion, 33 time National Champion, member of the AAU Strength Sports Hall of Fame). He supervised the drug testing at the Rio Olympics.
Timothy PlattTim Platt is the founder and head writer for (@fitatmidlife) – an informational website dedicated to health and fitness at age 40 and beyond.
Susan VernicekEntrepreneur, motivational expert, author and speaker, Susan Vernicek (@IdentityMag), has been emboldening women since 2006. Her mission: to provide women with opportunities to discover their vast powers of self-acceptance, appreciation, and achievement.

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