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Is there any day more beloved or more cherished than Follow Friday?

Probably. But since the dawn of Twitter, every Friday hundreds of thousands of users proclaim to their followers which other accounts are deserving of the attention of the online masses. Today, the OppLoans Financial Sense Blog joins in that honored tradition.

We’ve had the pleasure of reading and working with some of the greatest financial experts across The Internet, and now we share their Twitter handles with you so that you may follow them and gain access to their wisdom. Time to up your personal finance game!

Jeanne Kelly (@creditscoop)

After being turned down for a mortgage 15 years ago, Jeanne Kelly realized she needed to get her credit in order. Not only was she able to fix her bad credit, but she took the skills and knowledge she gained and decided to share it with the world. Now she’s a nationally regarded credit coach and expert, with multiple books and television appearances. She’s also been kind enough to share her insights with the OppLoans Financial Sense Blog on many different occasions. Follow her on Twitter and check out her site to get the credit help you need!

Clark Howard (@ClarkHoward)

Clark Howard is a best-selling author and consumer expert. His Twitter feed and website both provide endless resources you can use to save (and make) money. You’ll even get additional tips on topics ranging from parenting to pet care (which is kind of just a different sort of parenting).

Gerri Detweiler (@gerridetweiler)

A credit expert for more than 20 years, Gerri Detweiler has built up a trove of credit resources, from podcasts to articles to books (two of which you can get for free right now). A friend of the OppLoans Financial Sense Blog, follow her Twitter account to get all the financial tips and news you need.

Kimberly Palmer (@KimberlyPalmer)

When she isn’t telling OppLoans Financial Sense Blog readers how to cope with a medical emergency, Kimberly Palmer works as the features editor for the money team at the AARP. She’s also the author of Smart Mom, Rich Mom: How to Build Wealth While Raising a Family. Follow her Twitter account, and check out her site.  

Shannon McLay (@blonde_finance)

Tired of dealing with various blonde stereotypes, Shannon McLay started the Financially Blonde Blog to share expert money advice. She also has her own podcast and created the Financial Gym, in case your economic situation could benefit from a personal trainer.

Kali Hawlk (@KaliHawlk)

Kali Hawlk is a financial advisor who helps small businesses market themselves. She also offers all manner of financial advice to help you save the most money in your day to day life. You can find said advice on her Twitter account and website.

Victor Ricciardi (@victorricciardi)

Professor Victor Ricciardi is an expert in behavioral finance, offering a unique perspective on how the decision-making process leads to different financial outcomes. He literally wrote the book on investor behavior. Follow his Twitter feed to understand why you make the financial decisions you do and learn how you can train yourself to make better ones.

Jamie Jeffers (@mediumsizedfam)

Jamie Jeffers runs the Medium Sized Family blog, where she’s documenting her family’s path out of debt and offering lots of practical saving tips along the way. She’s previously told Opploans Financial Blog readers how to smartly spend their tax refund and save money while traveling with kids. For more insights, check out her Twitter feed and blog.

Peter Dunn (@PeteThePlanner)

Since first getting interested in finance in sixth grade, Peter Dunn has made a name for himself in the world of personal finance with TV and radio appearances as well his regular USA Today column. Check out his Twitter feed and site to get all the advice you could ever want!

Robert T. Kiyosaki (@theRealKiyosaki)

Author of the number one personal finance book of all time, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert T. Kiyosaki served as a US Marine before returning to civilian life and attempting to start a business. After some initial setbacks, he was able to gain incredible success and now tries to pass the knowledge he has gained onto others so that they too can improve their financial situation.

Nouriel Roubini (@Nouriel)

If you’re looking for some big picture analysis, Nouriel Roubini is a professor credited with predicting many major economic events. You can read his thoughts and predictions on his Twitter feed as well as at his blog.

Donna Freedman (@DLFreedman)

Donna Freedman is a personal finance writer who has been featured in a wide range of money-related magazines and sites. She offers advice you can use every day to improve your financial situation. The header on her site reads “surviving and thriving” and she’ll help you do exactly that.  

And before we forget, you’ll definitely want to follow the OppLoans Twitter account. We compile the best financial advice you could ask for into a delicious money stew.

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