6 Personal Finance Twitter Accounts You Should Follow Today!


It’s that time again! Want some personal finance advice in your daily Twitter feed but don’t know where to start? It’s cool. We got you covered. Here are six personal finance twitter accounts you should follow today!

    1. Leah Ingram – @theleahingram

      Twitter Bio: I’m Leah Ingram, content writer, on-camera money expert, confident spender & author 14 books. Dog lover. NYU alum. Mom of an ΑΧΩ @parademagazine contributor.

      What We Say: A great writer who both creates and shares fantastic personal finance content. In addition to following her, you should also check out her Paper.li site, Suddenly Frugal. It’s a stellar hub of finance news and stories curated by Ingram herself.

    2. Consolidated Credit – @ConsolidatedUS

      Twitter Bio: Official Twitter account for ConsolidatedCredit, a national credit counseling, debt management and financial education organization #credit#debt MD Lic #14-9

      What We Say:  A superb resource for credit counseling services and information topics like debt consolidation, home ownership, and managing your credit.

    3. Money Pebbles – @mymoneypebbles

      Twitter Bio: Growing your money one pebble at a time.

      What We Say: This is a new personal finance blog – it’s not even half a year old – but Money Pebbles is already churning out some really great advice and personal stories. Start reading them now, so that you can say you were into them before they were cool.

    4. Bill Dwight & Famzoo – @FamZoo

      Twitter Bio: Helping parents prepare kids for the financial jungle with our prepaid cards and family finance app. How? http://famzoo.com/faqs  Tweets by @whdwight

      What We Say: It is never too early to start teaching your kids about money. Seriously. And FamZoo’s system doesn’t just teach kids personal finance concepts; it’s prepaid debit cards lets them enact those concepts in their everyday lives.

    5. Leslie H. Tayne, Esq – @LeslieHTayneEsq

      Twitter Bio: Founder of @TayneLawGroup, P.C. helping to manage #debt & personal finances. #Finlit advocate, speaker, blogger & bestselling author: www.lifeanddebtbook.com 

      What We Say: First read her tweets, then read her articles, and, finally, read her book. We promise you won’t regret it.

    6. Emmie Martin – @emmiemartin

      Twitter Bio: I write about personal finance for @BusinessInsider and am probably shoving fries in my mouth at this very moment.

      What We Say: Emmie Martin’s reporting for Business Insider is stupendous, and following her on Twitter will ensure that you read it all.

There’s a 7th account you should follow too. Can you guess what it is?

It’s us! You can follow us at @OppLoans for more daily personal finance information, commentary, news, and helpful advice. Happy Tweeting!


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