Team Up on Your Debt with a Justice Loan

Debt consolidation can be a super solution too.

When Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice opens this weekend, it will be a huge motion picture event. But it will also be merely a precursor to the “universe” of upcoming Justice League movies. For those not familiar with the Justice League, it’s the DC Comics equivalent to The Avengers. And for those not familiar with The Avengers… congratulations, you are officially living off the grid.

Both the Justice League and The Avengers are teams of superheroes. Their stories always involve them working together to battle giant, world-threatening opponents that they wouldn’t be able to handle on their own. Kind of like a consolidation loan.

Most people don’t have just one source of debt. They have many, like a mortgage, a car loan, student loans, credit cards and more. It can be hard to keep track of all the different minimum payments, when those payments are due and how much interest each loan is still accruing.

But with a consolidation loan, all someone has to keep track of is one monthly payment, one due date and one minimum amount. Consolidation loans can be taken out from many different kinds of lenders, including banks or credit unions, but they all basically function the same way. It’s one big loan that you take out to pay off all your smaller loans.[1]

Sounds good, right? Sure, but there is one problem with consolidation loans: They don’t always help. Traditional consolidation loans last 60 months (or five years) and cost borrowers significantly more than it would to just pay down the debt in the first place.[2] But what if you can’t afford to pay down your debt?

The smart alternative could be a personal installment loan. With a personal installment loan from OppLoans, you can attack your debt now and cover life expenses in the meantime. OppLoans personal installment loans come with rates 70-125% lower than many other lenders and more flexible terms between 6 and 36 months long.

Consolidation loans offer you a way to create your own personal Justice League. It’s one loan that does what a lot of smaller loans cannot. And sure it might not be as flashy as Superman, as cool as Batman or as, um, wet as Aquaman, but it can do something that none of them can. It can solve real problems. You can learn more in our article Debt Consolidation Loans – An OppLoans Q&A with Ann Logue, MBA, CFA.

So when you’re sitting in the theater this weekend, geeking out in anticipation of Batman and Superman’s big team-up, think about what that kind of teamwork could do for your finances. You could even call it The Justice Loan. (There is no good loan-based pun for The Avengers. Trust us, we looked.)


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