The Annual OppLoans Memorial Day Sale Round-Up!


Every year, starting with this year, OppLoans has gathered the best Memorial Day sales in one place so that you can take advantage of them. Take advantage of these sales and you can live like royalty the rest of the year! (Royalty is when you have cheaper clothes and appliances right?)

Love the luggage.

We all have our own baggage to deal with. For example, maybe you’ve just never been able to get any affordable luggage, and it’s affecting your ability to have fulfilling relationships. Well, time to get rid of that baggage and get yourself a carry-on or backpack! (@Overstock) is having a pretty major sale on luggage and backpacks, with some items over 70% off. Luggage can often seem unreasonably expensive, costing multiple hundreds of dollars, so now could be a great time to get a replacement, especially if you’ve been dragging an ancient tattered sack around on your travels. The sale is actually going on right this moment, up through Memorial Day, so grab a bag!

Furniture fun.

A home is not truly a home without a place to park your rear end. Unfortunately, furniture makes luggage look cheap. You’ll have to shell out quite a few pretty pennies if you’re looking for something comfier than folding chairs. That’s why, much like a boat without a motor or oars, you need sales!

JCPenney (@jcpenney) is offering some major deals on furniture. Take a look and see how many hundreds of dollars you can save.

Buy from the Best.

Best Buy (@BestBuy) is offering their own Memorial Day sales on large appliances, if you’ve been meaning to make a major purchase, like a washing machine or fridge. Their price match program might even knock the prices down further if you can prove a competitor is offering a product for cheaper.

Exploring the Amazon.

These days everything is online, including Memorial Day deals from (@Amazon). They have nearly any product you could imagine but keep an eye out for their deal that allows you to preorder multiple Fire tablets for $50 each, in case you’ve got a tablet-deprived family or want to be the coolest house in the neighborhood this Halloween.

Monkey Sears monkey do.

It’s worth taking the time to shop around and get the best deals on anything, but ESPECIALLY when you’re looking to replace major appliances, like the ones we were talking about earlier. Consider taking a look at the deals Sears (@Sears) is offering for another option on those big buys.

Sleep well.

Are you waking up every day tired, sore and stressed? Maybe you’re a werewolf. Or maybe it’s your mattress. A good sleep is vital to staying healthy, but new mattresses, like so many other things in life, are costly, and there’s no way you’re going to risk getting one off Craigslist. Instead, consider checking out the Memorial Day deals at US-Mattress (@usmattress) or 1800Mattress (@1800Mattress).

In the Old Navy.

Nothing says summer is coming like a whole new wardrobe. Old Navy (@OldNavy) is offering big deals in the 30, 40, and even 50% off range, so you and your family and friends can get a whole new look. You’ll probably be able to get even better deals on winter clothes if you want to start preparing for next year.

Right on Target.

Remember that indoor furniture we mentioned? Well, depending on your living situation, you might want some outdoor furniture too. Whether you have your own yard, a shared yard, or you like to pretend that the inside of your home is a yard, Target (@Target) is having a sale on patio furniture you can take advantage of.


Kmart (@Kmart) is holding their own range of summer sales, on outdoor furniture, tools, clothes, and whatever else you might need to have some fun in the sun. Memorial Day is the start of the summer (not officially, but we’re pretty sure people say that) so be sure to stock up and don’t forget the sunscreen!

I’ll take the high road and you take the Lowe’s road.

Be aware that some Memorial Day sales end before Memorial Day! Does that make sense? Maybe not, but now that you’re “in the know” you’ll be able to get all the deals that everyone else will miss out on. Lowe’s (@Lowes) is having a Memorial Day sale that ends in just a couple days, so check out their site and see if there’s anything you need before it’s too late.

Yes you candle.

Do you need a fancy candle that smells like apple pie? What about a candle that smells like an ocean breeze? Or one of any number of smells that candles don’t normally smell like? Yankee Candle (@TheYankeeCandle) has you covered with their Countdown to Summer deals. Does it make sense to buy multiple fruit scented candles to create a smellable fruit salad? That’s up to you!

What an Offer!

Finally, consider checking out (@Offers) for a wide range of Memorial Day deals. Aside from information on sales across any kind of product you can imagine, they’ll give you special promos that you can apply to save even more.

One important note before we go: Enjoy the sales but never buy what you can’t afford. Be careful with your credit card usage and definitely never borrow money from predatory payday lenders just to finance a fun purchase (or any purchase, really.)

But if you’ve got a need (and the budget) for a fun summer purchase, stay cool in the heat this Memorial Day by becoming the sale master you always knew you could be!

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