Tips for a Low-Cost Valentine’s Day

You want to impress bae, but the cost of a traditional Valentine’s Day can be heartbreaking. No problem! Check out these tips to save money and still have a memorable holiday.

Be a Maker

Remember when you were a little kid and you made your gifts out of macaroni, paper and glue? Back then you did it because you had no money, now you can do it for the same reason because you’re a sensitive, creative artist! Your partner may not want something they can buy off the shelf for themselves anyway. Show how thoughtful you are by taking the time to craft a special gift.


• Compiling a cool photo book detailing the history of your relationship
• Decorating a memory box filled with knickknacks and candy
• Writing a love letter or poem
• Making paper flowers—write a relationship memory on each petal!
• Bake cookies or sweets you can share together

Cook Dinner

Everyone loves eating out, until the bill arrives (“That appetizer sampler wasn’t complimentary?”). This year, skip the fancy over-priced restaurant and make your partner a special dinner at home.

Buying food at the grocery store and making it yourself isn’t just cheaper, it also shows that you care and that you’re willing to put in the time and the effort to make this Valentine’s Day memorable. What are your partner’s favorite foods? Try making your own at-home version.

Pastas, salads and steaks are easy to do and surprisingly affordable compared to restaurant prices. If you’re not crazy confident in your cooking ability, don’t worry, your valentine will be impressed that you tried (and grateful that you bought wine!).

Valentine’s Day Coupons

What activities are special to your partner? Is she always asking you to check out her favorite new show with her? Has he been asking you to go with him to that annual local comic book convention for, like, years now?

Writing out a few Valentine’s Day Coupons is a thoughtful (and free) way to show your Valentine that you know them better than anyone else and you’re going to be there for them all year long. Write out five or ten “coupons” that your partner can cash in at any time throughout the year. Maybe you know they’ll want a deep tissue massage, or a quiet night-in together, or a beach day this summer.

Valentine’s Day is all about your sweetheart. So why not remind them how special they are with a few caring, handwritten promises to spend time on them this year?

Movie Night

What was the first movie you and your valentine watched together? Do you have a mutual favorite? Or is there something new you both wanted to check out?

Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to shut the blinds, pop some popcorn, and get in some quality couch time with your loved one. Make it extra special with homemade snacks (chocolate-covered strawberries, nachos, or veggies and dip).

Your partner may love regular movie nights, but you can give it a romantic twist by setting the mood. Clean the living room, have the wine ready, and get ready to settle in for a low-key night for just the two of you!

Free Neighborhood Activities

No matter where you live, there’s certainly something free and special to do. Check out your city’s Chamber of Commerce webpage for their calendar: free live concerts, movie screenings, and ice skating are common.

Even if you’re out in a more rural area, there will be great ways to make your Valentine’s Day special. Plan a memorable hike or walk with your partner, have a picnic along the way, or set aside time to find somewhere new to explore together.

Valentine’s Day isn’t a spending contest; it’s all about you and your special someone. This year show your partner how much you care and how financially responsible you are!

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