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Here at the OppLoans Financial Sense Blog, we want to give you all the tools to improve your financial life. Sometimes that means telling you whether your credit score can affect your job prospects. Or how you can properly discuss your money situation with your significant other. Now and then, we even give you tips to stay affordably healthy, so you’re less likely to run into costly medical bills. And let’s not forget our fun and free personal finace curriculum at OppU. But we’ve never given you a directory of financial apps to turn your phone into a money management machine.

Until now.

screenshots for the opploans app directory

Today, we are happy to present the Official Organic Locally Grown OppLoans App Directory. Go ahead and click the link, and look around the different app categories and pages. Each app page has a description of the price, a short sentence explaining what the app does, a list of features, and a longer description of whether or not you should try the app out for yourself, as well as links to download it. Some pages have interviews with the developers, founders, and other people behind the apps, like Kevin Kirn of Mint (@Mint), Nikki Pierce of Qapital (@Qapital), and Anton Derlyatka of Sweatcoin (@Sweatcoin).

Now we’ll take some time to address questions that are… well they’re not frequently asked, since the App Directory is only launching now, so here’s our App Directory NFAQ:

Is this a review site?

Not exactly, although there will be reviews on it, like on the Venmo page. The directory is more about providing you with as many resources as possible, with descriptions that should help you decide whether your specific financial needs make the app worth trying out. After all, each app, even ones in the same category, tend to be designed with a different approach in mind, so you should know which approach makes the most sense for your financial life.

What do the different categories mean?

You’ll notice that right now, there are four different categories of financial apps on the main directory page. We’re going to keep adding categories as we continually add new apps, but let’s go over what the current four mean:

Screenshots of Opploans Directory for Rewards

  • Budgeting: These are apps to help you track your spending habits. Some of them automatically categorize your spending, while others require manual input. By using one or more of these apps, you’ll be able to see how you’re spending your money so you can spend it more wisely. Many of the apps will even create cool charts to visualize where your money goes month to month.
  • Money Transfer: These are apps that allow you to send and receive money efficiently. Paper money is so last century. Now you pay for everything, from rent to tickets for the Broadway revival of Rent, on your phone.
  • Rewards: Want to earn some money on the side without going too far out of your way? That’s what this category is for. By answering surveys, playing games, or even just walking around, apps in this category will allow you to earn points towards gift cards, special offers, and cold hard cash.
  • Savings: Spending money can be fun. So if you want to spend less, you should find a way to make not spending money kind of fun too. That’s where this category comes in. Using apps that make saving easy, or even automate the process based off of your spending habits and rules you set up, you can put aside more money that you can use to pay off your debts, fix your credit score, or just get yourself something nice.

screenshot of the Sweatcoin app

Can you give me some previews of those interviews you mentioned?

You could just click through the directory… but we’ll give you a taste! Much like the OppLoans Financial Sense blog, the developers behind these apps clearly care about the financial lives of their customers.

Nikki Pierce, social media manager at Qapital, also showed a concern for their users’ holistic financial being: “Aside from the obvious benefits of adding some automation to your savings, I’ve found the most beneficial reason to use Qapital is gaining control and confidence over your financial life. Feeling out of control can be very debilitating. Qapital…well…capitalizes on your already existing spending and behavioral habits, which truly puts you at the helm of your own savings ship.”

And Anton Derlyatka, co-founder of Sweatcoin, decided to help people financially as a means to improve their physical health: “Sweatcoin delivers a sustainable behavior change: +14 percent uplift in activity levels after 6 months(!) from install. This is due to a unique incentive platform using instant gratification techniques to tackle present bias, a behavioral bug preventing us from focusing on long-term benefits”

Read the rest of these interviews and others in the directory!

So what’s next?

We’ll be regularly adding new app pages, as well as more developer interviews and OppLoans Reviews. There will also be new categories added and videos where we face different apps against each other. We definitely want to hear what kind of apps or content you’re looking to see more of, so e-mail us at appdirectory@opploans.com. Also, reach out if you’re a developer who wants to have their app featured in the directory. We’d love to have you!

So without further ado, start grabbing these apps and bringing your financial game to the next level!

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Anton Derlyatka (@Sweatcoin) is an entrepreneur and investor in behavior change, digital health and people technologies — the industries ripe for innovation.  His latest undertaking is Sweatcoin, a digital currency backed by physical movement.  Sweatcoin utilizes insights from behavioral economics to drive sustainable behaviour change, making people more physically active. With more than 100,000 users as of Feb 2017, Sweatcoin makes people move 15% more even 6 months after initial download.
Kevin Kirn (@Mint) is the Head of Product for Mint, the leading personal finance app from Intuit Inc. Kevin is responsible for product management for Mint including web, mobile, platform and bill pay. Kevin’s passion for helping consumers and small businesses improve their financial lives brought him to intuit six years ago. Kevin joined Mint in early 2016 after five years leading the reinvention of QuickBooks Online, Intuit’s flagship small business product. Prior to Intuit, Kevin held several product leadership roles at Microsoft, financed startups with a venture capital firm and advised business leaders with McKinsey.
Nikki Taguilas-Pierce (@qapitalapp) is a Social Media Manager at Qapital, writer, and sketch/improv comedian. Her work has been featured on the Second City Network, Huffington Post, Chicago RedEye, and most recently, the CBS Diversity Sketch Comedy Showcase. A feature-length film she co-wrote and starred in, ‘This Afternoon’, was listed as the Chicago Tribune’s “Top 10 Films to See” at the Chicago International Film Festival. When not writing or engulfed in a social platform, you can find her performing throughout the Los Angeles and Chicago storytelling and comedy community.

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