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On the OppLoans tech team, we build innovative systems that create new financial products and enable a five-star customer experience. Our team members approach every new challenge with an unparalleled ability to see what could be rather than settle for what is — and are granted the autonomy to own their ideas.

Meet the Opptimists

OppLoans employees prioritize collaboration, honesty, and letting the best ideas win the day. That’s why we call ourselves Opptimists.

Navya Panditi

Site Reliability Engineer

“As an intern in the tech department, I was surprised at how quickly I was made to feel like a member of the team.”

Jeremy Lawler

Staff Engineer

“It’s a testament to the culture we’ve built here — one that balances hard work, great results, and a healthy dose of fun.”

Alexis Cenamor

Senior Technical Recruiter

"I've never been in a work environment that balances individual autonomy and team success so well."

Evan Stoddard

Site Reliability Engineer

“At OppLoans, all opinions are welcomed. No matter who you are, your thoughts are given weight and value.”

Michael Garfinkel

Salesforce Development Manager

"The speed, accuracy, and precision we’ve been able to achieve is a testament to our culture of accessible leadership.”

Rahul Tanniru

Site Reliability Engineer

“My colleagues and I support each other every step of the way.”

John McCormack

Software Engineering Manager

“In order to build a strong, collaborative team, you have to invest in culture — and we do.”

Andy Pruitt

Chief Technology Officer

"At OppLoans, what we do matters. And we think that is an awesome perk."

Working at OppLoans

Learn more about our culture, our values, and the opportunities we provide.

We value developers

At OppLoans, we give our engineers the right tools and processes to succeed. That support starts with providing modern tools and top-of-the-line hardware, but the most important thing we give our tech team members is autonomy. Teams can choose their own tools and build the processes that work best for them. We put new software into production multiple times a day. If you’re tired of writing great code and then watching it languish in the pipeline for months, drop us an email.

You can make an impact

When we look for talent, we look beyond languages and prior experience. Our tech is a web of interconnected systems — both internal and external — that allow the business to function smoothly, safely, and efficiently. We code in a variety of different languages — including Ruby on Rails, Clojure, and Salesforce. We want tech talent that understands the broader business context, that can put themselves in our customers’ shoes and deliver the best products and solutions they need to build a better financial path.

We prize diversity and inclusion

At OppLoans, we cultivate an inclusive culture where employees are encouraged to be their best selves. Through our Oppt for Tech Diversity meetup series, we provide inclusive networking opportunities for all members of the Chicago tech community regardless of race, gender, or identity. Our tech team also includes members from both traditional CS backgrounds and more non-traditional backgrounds, including PhDs in bio-medicine and astrophysics, a clarinet major, and a former member of our Loan Advocate team. We believe in letting our best ideas win — and a more diverse, inclusive workplace enables great ideas to thrive.

You can develop your career

As a member of the Chicago tech community and sponsor of the Illinois Technology Association, we understand the importance of industry representation and professional development. Most of our engineers attend at least one conference per year, and several of our teams hold weekly internal seminars on subjects like Clojure and Kubernetes. Our Chief Technology Officer, Andy Pruitt, is a long-time member of the Chicago tech scene and frequently speaks at panels and events around the city. If you’re looking to sharpen your skills and broaden your network within Chicago tech, we’re the spot for you.

Work With Great Technologies

We believe in letting the best ideas win—and great ideas come from great talent. Find the right role for you and apply today.


Our work puts us square in the middle of OppLoans’ loan origination and servicing business.

Ruby on Rails

We own everything the customer sees and then some, all the way through to the servicing portal.


Our team builds and maintains the growing set of microservices that automate critical business functions.


We manage the Cloud Infrastructure that powers our business.

Airflow and Snowflake

We partner with the business to get them the data they need.

Serverless Infrastructure

Our work ties together back-office operations with tech-forward initiatives.

Grow with OppLoans

Helping our customers build a better financial path starts with helping our tech talent build better solutions. We’re hiring for tech positions throughout 2020 — come join us!

OppLoans is making an impact and growing fast!

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