Aishwarya Chenji, Intern, “When it comes to the actual design, she treats me as the real expert and gives me full reign to do my thing.”

When you’re an intern, it’s easy to feel like you’re in the way—especially if you ask a lot of questions. But from day one, my internship supervisor at OppLoans has encouraged me to ask her questions and to reach out when I need help. She knows that asking questions is the best way to get there.

My internship at OppLoans has been an incredible experience all around, but it’s the mentoring that I’ve received from my supervisor, Molly, that’s made the biggest impact. Every step of the way, she’s made sure that the work I am doing is stuff that I’m excited and passionate about—and that it allows me to bring all my skills to the table.

I’m interning with the OppLoans product team. I’m a UX/UI designer, and my big project has involved implementing changes to our internal Salesforce systems that allow our Loan Advocates and Customer Advocates to work more efficiently and provide a better experience for OppLoans’ customers.

Molly and I meet three times a week to go over what I’m working on so that she can give me advice. There’s a roadmap that she has laid out and she gives me tips on how to structure certain parts of the project or how to prioritize the right things.

She’s an expert in product and project management, so those are the areas where Molly’s been focusing her lessons and advice. But when it comes to the actual design, she treats me as the real expert and gives me full reign to do my thing.

I recently graduated from Northwestern, so there is also a lot of general life things that I’m sorting out. That adjustment from college life to post-grad life is rough. Luckily for me, Molly has been just as helpful and eager to mentor me in those areas as well!

Here’s a great example: I was telling her recently that I needed to cook more and that I was having trouble balancing food prep time with work. She not only started giving me advice for how I could find a better work/life balance, she even started sending me recipes that I could use.

Molly has helped me and taught me new things every step of the way. She stops me when I have done something wrong and shows me how to do it right—but she’s always very kind in how she does it. This isn’t unique to me, by the way: Molly is kind to everyone.

But what makes OppLoans such a special place to work is how the kindness that Molly has shown me isn’t really that unique at all. Everyone here is like that. It is, without a doubt, one of the best company cultures I’ve ever experienced. If I have a question and Molly is not around, I know that I can reach out to anyone and they will be happy to help me learn.