Alexis Cenamor, Senior Technical Recruiter, "I've never been in a work environment that balances individual autonomy and team success so well."

When a former co-worker reached out to me about joining OppLoans, I wasn’t really looking for a new job. But the more she told me about the company, the more I was intrigued.

The one thing that stood out above everything else was the opportunity to make a real and lasting impact. I wanted a position where I could come in and fully own my projects from beginning to end. And I wanted to do work that would truly affect the business overall. She told me that OppLoans was a place where I could do that — and she was right.

Within a few days of starting in my role as senior technical recruiter, I was leading our participation in this year’s DevOpsDays tech conference. When the conference was held in August, I manned our booth and got to meet a good number of programmers and engineers — and we even ended up hiring one of them. I learned more about all the latest trends in DevOps, but the most important thing I learned was that, next year, I need to bring way more stickers.

Even though I have barely been here 100 days, I’ve already led partnerships with other companies to help showcase our tech department, and I’ve even successfully overhauled our offer letter procedures. My boss is happy to offer guidance, but there’s no hand-holding. He wants us to own every aspect of our work and our process.

Our tech department is the same way. Under Andy Pruitt, our chief technology officer, OppLoans has gathered a very smart, talented, and opinionated group of people — and given them the room to own their work and make an impact. When I’m telling prospective candidates about the department, I always stress that this is a place where your opinion will be heard — no matter your title. It’s only a matter of speaking up.

This team is unlike any of the other tech departments I’ve worked with. Most departments tend to hire from a very narrow group of people — all of whom have similar skill sets and have followed the same path to get there. At OppLoans, we have people from a wildly diverse set of backgrounds and educational paths. And when you bring those different experiences to collaborate on a given project, it always seems to produce better, more creative results.

Across the company, OppLoans thrives on collaboration. It’s a culture where the best ideas win out and where everyone — from the C-Suite on down — is ready to roll up their sleeves or pitch in. I know that I can walk into Andy’s office and ask for his help with a candidate. I can even do the same with our CEO, Jared Kaplan. I’ve never been in a work environment that balances individual autonomy and team success so well.

Recruiting was never something I planned to get into. I graduated from college with an English degree (with a concentration in medieval literature to boot), and I only started doing recruiting work due to recession-related layoffs at my first employer. But I’ve come to love it, because I love talking with people and helping them find that one job that will change their life. Lucky for me, I’ve already found that job for myself. It’s right here.