Anderson Orton, Loan Advocate Team Lead, "Everyone at OppLoans is willing to help their coworkers deliver for our customers."

When I first interviewed with OppLoans in the summer of 2019, the two things that appealed to me were the community and the opportunities. This was a great group of people who enjoyed working alongside each other and helping one another succeed. The chance to grow within the organization was right there for anyone who wanted to put in the work.

I had several interviews with different companies the same day I interviewed here — and I received a job offer from every single one of them. But after meeting the head of sales, Bob O’Connell, and seeing the company’s Loan Advocate division in action, I knew that OppLoans was where I wanted to be.

When I spoke with Bob, I told him I was looking for a managerial position, but I knew the odds of snagging one were slim. I’m from England, and I had been out of work for the past decade while waiting for my green card.

Despite my resume being thinner than I would have liked it to be, Bob could tell that I was bright, motivated, and had a knack for helping people. OppLoans is all about delivering top-notch customer service, and we put people skills first when hiring for our loan advocate positions. Even if a managerial position wasn’t in the cards, he was happy to give me the opportunity.

Bob was straightforward with me. He told me I would have to start as a loan advocate and work my way up from there. But he also made it clear that if I did the job well and proved myself, the opportunity would be there. 

And it was. After only four months on the job, I’m now a team lead.

I’ve always been good with people. I served in the British Special Forces, and you might be surprised to learn how important empathy is in situations like those. I brought years of experience looking at the world through other people’s eyes.

What I didn’t bring was a great deal of technical panache. When I started working as a loan advocate, I had barely touched a computer in 10 years, so I was nervous about that part of the job. But during our training it was stressed, time and time again, that we had many resources to turn to for help: the training team, our team leads, our supervisors, or really any other loan advocate that we could flag down. 

Everyone at OppLoans is willing to help their coworkers deliver for our customers. There hasn’t been a single time here that I’ve asked someone for help and they have told me they can’t. Not one. If they know the answer, they will give it to me. And if they don’t, they will make it their mission to find the person who does.

Funny enough, the fact that I’m unafraid to admit when I don’t know something has really helped me succeed. The more questions I asked, the more knowledge I gained, and the better I was able to assist our customers. 

As a team lead, I’m now the one answering other people’s questions. I provide them with the help and support that our other colleagues so freely gave to me. When all of us succeed, it’s our customers that benefit.