Calvin Sanchez, Human Resources Business Partner, “OppLoans is a company that lives its values every single day.”

At OppLoans, we have four core values that guide our company culture. Those values are: dare to win, hold the door, say what you see, and do what you say.

Soon after joining the company in 2018, it became clear to me these values were more than just words. OppLoans is a company that lives its values every single day.

I entered the company as a loan advocate assisting customers with their applications. OppLoans is built on a foundation of delivering five-star customer service, and our advocates dare to win by going above and beyond for every customer that interacts with them and by empathizing with their customers’ situations. 

I can recall one call in particular where a man started welling up with emotion as he thanked me for my help. I couldn’t help getting a bit teary-eyed myself in return. I can point to our thousands of customer reviews, but I think the true evidence of how we take care of our customers can be found in experiences like that one. 

OppLoans cares about transparency for both its customers and employees. Barely a week after I started working here, I sat in one of our quarterly all-staff town hall meetings and listened as our CEO, Jared Kaplan, walked through the company’s performance piece by piece and fielded numerous employee questions. I’d heard about our commitment to transparency, but here was the proof. 

That transparency goes both ways. The company has a horizontal management structure where all employees are encouraged to say what they see by sharing their thoughts and opinions with leadership. So when a loan advocate sees a possible process improvement that can help customers, it’s easy for them to propose that solution. Our C-suite understands that great ideas can come from anywhere.  

OppLoans is a company where people support one another, holding the door open for our fellow colleagues to succeed. If I have a question about how something works, I don’t hesitate to ask because I know that whoever I reach out to won’t hesitate to provide the answer. 

I often take this value a bit literally, too. Something as simple as always holding the door open for my colleagues can go a surprisingly long way towards cultivating a positive atmosphere.

Doing what you say is an easy core value to implement. If you make a promise, deliver on it. And if you do so consistently, your value will be recognized. Even as I continued to take on additional tasks outside my core job duties as loan advocate, I knew that delivering for our customers remained my number one priority.

Throughout my time here, I’ve worked to embody our four core values in everything I do. And in my new role as our human resources business partner, I have even more opportunity to bring them to life. 

As I work with both our people team and our loan advocate division to strengthen our internal processes, I know that saying what I see, doing what I say, daring to win, and holding the door form a blueprint for success.