Cooper James, Intern, “At OppLoans, the best ideas always win—which is a lot easier to do when people already enjoy working together.”

If I could give one piece of advice for future OppLoans interns, it would be to make the best of the opportunities you are given. Unlike with a lot of internships, OppLoans interns are handed projects with the potential to make an actual positive impact on the business. And if you deliver, your work will be recognized.

As a marketing intern, my project for the summer is to build an anomaly detection program that can detect underperforming or even flat-out broken functions within our marketing system. It monitors loan applications by channel, state, and numerous other variables, and automates the process of identifying problem areas. This way, team members can spend less time searching for problems and more time fixing them.

This project is a big undertaking, but I worked hard and turned around an early version of the dashboard within only a couple of weeks. I built it out with filters that let you sort data by any conceivable variable you’d want—and easily let you compare the previous day’s results to their projected performance. If something’s not performing like it should be, this dashboard will let you know.

When I showed it to my supervisor, he was very impressed. He hadn’t expected that I’d have anything so concrete to show him within the first couple weeks of the internship. He also offered tons of great feedback that I’ve used to refine the program. Because I had delivered this first draft of the dashboard so early—we are now expanding the system to include whole other data sets, time frames, and sections of the marketing funnel.

My supervisor, by the way, has been fantastic. He’s incredibly knowledgeable and has the perfect combination of hands-on and hands-off attitudes all rolled into one. He’s hands-on whenever I ask for his help or have a question about something, and he’s hands-off when I’m actually getting work done. On a personal level, he’s just really fun to talk to.