Evette Rudolph, Senior Associate Trainer: “We Were Literally Building Something Here From the Ground Up.”

When I first interviewed with OppLoans, I thought someone was playing a joke on me. The employees I met were all way too excited to be there, to show me around and tell me all about the great perks and the company culture.

I wanted to know what the catch was; because working here seemed way too good to be true.

I accepted the job offer, not sure at all about what lay ahead, and I quickly realized that those people I had met after my interview weren’t faking it. Anyone can paint a picture of what a workplace is like, but you need to experience it firsthand.

These individuals were just as committed to creating harmony and balance in the workplace as they were giving our customers the absolute best service possible.

It wasn’t long after starting that I realized how we were literally building something here from the ground up. Two years later, I’m still here. We’ve built a lot already, but the exciting news is we’re not done yet.

Since being first hired as a Loan Advocate, I’ve been promoted to a Loan Supervisor, and then to the training department where I’m now the Senior Associate Trainer. I train new classes of Loan Advocates and provide ongoing training for everyone directly connected to the service floor.

On the training team, you have to be a person with many hands. I brainstorm and curate content for anyone and everyone within the department covering internal processes, navigation, applications, and pretty much anything that an Advocate might encounter. I’ve touched almost every facet of the work we do, but there is still more to explore.

The best part of my job is training new hires and building the content that will help them succeed. After all, training is the first impression new hires have of the company, and I want to create an environment where they feel supported and can grow.

I love when people from a class I’ve trained come up to me later and they say, “guess what I did?” or “guess what I remembered?” I love that. It just makes me feel a little warm inside. Plus, it lets me know that the content I’m creating is working.

In my experience, what keeps a business running is the love and attention you give your employees. That’s your real bottom line. And the leaders we have here at OppLoans grasp that concept of how to treat people appropriately. It’s something I haven’t seen or heard of in other companies.

It’s the same thing with our customers. When we talk to someone on the phone, we actually ask how their day was, just as a natural part of the conversation. We have customers call back and ask to speak with a specific Loan Advocate because they were treated so well. Others will say, “Oh, I know you can help me too. I’ve never had a problem with any of you before.”

I believe in where OppLoans can go. It’s an ideal company for anyone to work at and takes diversity to a whole new level.

For one thing, working here is going to challenge you; there are some days you’re going to come in and it is not going to be easy. But working here also means that you’ll be part of a community; where people understand we’re all in this together.

Everyone here sees things as a collaborative effort, and a big part of my job is to maintain that environment. I’ve never had an instance where I asked someone a question, whether it be a manager, a Loan Advocate, a trainer, anyone, where they were unwilling to answer.

Before I started here, I thought that no company could have employees this engaged, this eager, this happy to be here. The truth I discovered is Opploans is a dynamic place to work.