Ibtihale Laghzaoui, Chat Advocate Supervisor: "We hire smart, hard-working people and then we put them in a position to succeed."

The team I lead is still pretty new; we only launched it last September. And as anyone who has led a brand-new department can tell you, the task is not an easy one. When you’re just getting something off the ground, there are always going to be process improvements to implement.

And while I have always been someone who loves a good challenge, I also can’t deny that overseeing the day-to-day workflow of a growing team is much easier when you’re in a positive working environment.

In fact, it was this positive environment that first attracted me to OppLoans. I was working in a place that had a pretty bad workplace vibe. I had some friends that were starting at OppLoans and they couldn’t stop talking about how great it was there.

Based on what my friends had said, I decided to come in to interview. As it turns out, they were totally right! I was immediately impressed with the company culture.  

After my interview, I went to the Glassdoor website and started reading about OppLoans. All the employees who had shared their stories really sold me on what a fantastic place this was to work—and a big step up from the place where I was working.

The OppLoans culture starts with our CEO, Jared Kaplan, and the rest of leadership. They maintain open door policies and have a willingness to hear ideas that set the tone for the rest of the company. And they don’t just listen, either. Leadership takes people’s thoughts and ideas—or even their constructive criticism—into consideration. When it’s a good idea, they implement it.

Our leadership also has this great ability to look at employees and see their potential—then give them the tools to achieve it. OppLoans is this wonderful combination of super hard-working people that can be laidback on a personal level.

Employees are very humble, actually. You can tell that people’s priorities are in the right place. Our customers come first. Everything we do is about giving them the best experience possible.

The “secret” to OppLoans isn’t really all that secret: we hire smart, hard-working people and then we put them in a position to succeed. It’s just a lot easier to come into work every morning—or put in those extra hours on nights and weekends—when you like the people you work with.