Jeremy Lawler, Staff Engineer, “It’s a testament to the culture we’ve built here — one that balances hard work, great results, and a healthy dose of fun.”

I have been with OppLoans for two years, and I look forward to coming into work every day. I can’t say that about every job I’ve had. A big reason why is the work itself: The company is growing rapidly with no plans to stop any time soon, so there is always an exciting new project to work on. 

Another reason why I love working here is the people — and that’s what makes OppLoans truly unique compared to every other place I’ve worked. 

Computer engineers tend to be a slightly cynical bunch, so when I tell them in interviews that I genuinely like all the people I work with, I can see their surprise. It’s a testament to the culture we’ve built here — one that balances hard work, great results, and a healthy dose of fun. 

Expectations in the tech department are high: We have a direct impact on the business, so we know the accuracy of our work is paramount. But we have also worked hard to prevent those high expectations from creating a dog-eat-dog environment. Instead, we’ve created a workplace where people support one another. 

At OppLoans, we know that great results come from open lines of communication and close collaboration. We know that high-pressure situations are often best met with humor, humility, and team spirit. I take steps every day to make sure people are having fun, laughing, and taking themselves far less seriously than they are taking the job at hand. 

Not taking ourselves too seriously has another benefit too: It fosters an environment where everyone is free to voice their opinions. We care about the best ideas winning no matter who offers them. I’ve seen people in their first week offer solutions that win out over the ideas posed by multiyear vets. When people can debate ideas without having to worry about interoffice politics or individual egos, it’s the company that wins. 

This focus on ideas over individuals even extends to how we treat mistakes. In our weekly TPS meetings (yes, like “Office Space”), the tech team covers and reviews mistakes that occurred during the previous week. Instead of getting hung up on who made the mistakes, we work as a team to figure out why these mistakes happened, and how they can be avoided in the future. 

OppLoans is a great place for engineers who want to step up to the plate and swing: You can own your work and make a direct impact on the business. I find that really thrilling. And getting to do that work alongside people that I genuinely enjoy makes me look forward to it all the more.