John Bradley, Quality Assurance Analyst: “We have people from all walks of life here. Just looking around our offices, not everybody looks the same. Everybody doesn’t have the same story.”

If I had to describe OppLoans, it would be: “Opportunities Are endless.”

When I first interviewed with the company three years ago, it was to be a Loan Advocate, which is an entry-level position. I was interviewing with Jared, our CEO, and I told him that, while I appreciated the opportunity, I was looking for something a little bit more.

Jared looked me in the eyes and said, “John, if you’re a top performer, we will give you an opportunity to advance quickly.” Fourteen months later, I joined the new quality assurance team. If you do the work, leadership makes sure that these kinds of opportunities are always there for the taking.

But it’s not like OppLoans is some kind of cutthroat place, either. I’ve worked in a few different fields, across five different states, and I have never been in an environment that cultivated the idea of family so well.

We’ve managed to hold onto those values all while rapidly expanding our business. When you’re growing like that, it’s so easy for culture to be the first thing out the door. But OppLoans not only held onto their culture, but they also make preserving it a top priority.

Diversity is a huge part of that. We have people from all walks of life here. If you just look around our offices, not everybody looks the same. Everybody doesn’t have the same story. Talk to folks here and you’ll hear such a wide array of opinions and beliefs. That’s pretty cool! You don’t get that too many places.

OppLoans is a company that takes care of its employees, at all levels—not just the people who make the business run, but the people that keep it running, too. And sure, they do that by paying people well, giving them good health insurance, and offering a 401(k) match—but it’s also about more than that.

Here’s an example: I do a lot of volunteering in the community. This past year was my third season coaching Little League Baseball and my first season coaching Little League Football. I’m also a part of the Champs mentorship program at Gary Comer High School.

Leadership here understands how hugely important this work is to me, and they’ve allowed me the flexibility with my schedule to make it happen. Whether it’s working later at night or on the weekends, so long as I’m getting my work done and keeping to a high standard, they give me the opportunity to do all this other great work.

Our Leadership cares. They really do. Two years ago, I had a medical emergency at work that landed me in the hospital. The concern, contact and care that I received from everyone at OppLoans, including Jared, while I was recuperating, really touched my heart.

And when I had a death in the family last year, I actually got the call when I was at work. My boss, Bob, could see the emotion on my face and told me to go home. Later that night, he called me just to see how I was doing. It’s rare to find a workplace where people genuinely care about you.

The care that the company puts into its employees comes right out the other side with how we treat our customers; which is something that really separates us from our competitors. When people call us, they speak to a real person, and they are treated like human beings.

Like pretty much everything else at OppLoans, that’s something you don’t see most places. That’s why it makes us special.