Kyle Williams, Head of Government Affairs, “OppLoans is building something great here — a mission-driven focus to help millions of middle-income consumers improve their financial situations.”

I’m a Midwestern kid from Cleveland, Ohio, and I got my start in politics working for my local congresswoman, U.S. Rep. Marcia Fudge, on Capitol Hill. If you’re from the Midwest or know any Midwesterners, you know that we pride ourselves on our integrity and in putting people first. I’ll admit that I’m guilty on both counts.

That’s why I couldn’t be happier to have found a company like OppLoans where integrity and a people-first mentality aren’t just important, they are two of the cornerstones on which the company is built.

As OppLoans’  head of government affairs, my job is to communicate our mission and purpose to key audiences that can affect our industry. I meet with lawmakers and their staff, community groups, thought leaders, fintech firms, and trade associations to build and maintain our presence. OppLoans not only has a great story to tell — but by advocating for the company, I’m also advocating for our customers.

I joined OppLoans this past spring after six years at the highly respected advocacy organization the National Urban League, where I served as their director of financial policy. In that position, I dove deep into the issues affecting middle- and lower-income consumers and the businesses that serve them.

One of those issues is credit access for the millions of consumers who are turned away by traditional financial providers. Many turn to risky, confusing, and costly products as their only alternatives. OppLoans was created with the vision that these consumers should have access to simple, responsible products that support a path to a better financial situation.

But OppLoans also goes a step further. We not only provide access, we afford consumers a measure of dignity, as well. It begins with our founder Todd Schwartz, who took his family’s legacy of outstanding, empathetic customer service and wove it into the company’s DNA from day one.

This approach continues through the leadership of our CEO Jared Kaplan, who pairs a sharp strategic mind with a deep concern for the well-being of our customers and employees. I enjoy working closely with Jared and our general counsel, Marv Gurevich, as we develop our government relations strategy and advocate for financial inclusion in Washington D.C.

Early on when I spoke with Jared about the company, it was clear that OppLoans is working to be part of the solution. I was excited about being a part of a firm that is so laser focused on improving financial access to the many consumers who need it — and doing it in a service-oriented way.

OppLoans’ underwriting procedures, the world-class credit model, its extensive investments in compliance, and empathetic and compassionate approach to customer service all focus on the customer experience. We strive to deliver the best option available, even going so far as to inform applicants if a better alternative can be found elsewhere.

OppLoans is building something great — a mission-driven focus to help millions of middle-income consumers improve their financial situations. For the millions of U.S. consumers who lack access to traditional forms of financial products, OppLoans is on their side. We’re working hard on their behalf to create a more inclusive financial system.