Marisol Granados, Business Operations Associate, “Everyone here is a part of one team, a team that’s working as hard as we can to deliver for our customers.”

I’ve been at OppLoans for almost six years now, which makes me one of our longest-tenured employees. Last year our Chief Credit Officer and I received letter jackets to celebrate our five-year anniversaries.

In my nearly six years at OppLoans I have worked in a couple of different roles. I started with the company in 2013 as a Loan Advocate. This is back when there were only 12 or 13 people working for the company. There were three or four loan advocates, one underwriter, and one tech guy who also handled arrangements. We all wore two or three different hats. For instance, if our front desk receptionist was busy, I would help guests when they came into the office.

It was a tight-knit group, and everyone pitched in–especially our leaders. Todd Schwartz, who founded the company, was in the office all the time. He was extremely hands-on, working alongside the staff to deliver a great customer service experience for our customers.

That’s something that hasn’t changed, even as we’ve grown from a dozen employees to 350, that tight-knit culture has stayed the same. The same goes for that sense that everyone pitches in to provide the best customer service to our customers. That attitude has really contributed to our success: Leaders here actually listen to the folks who are working on the ground level, who are talking to our customers every day and understand what they’re going through.

I attribute that to our leaders. All of them are happy to roll up their sleeves and work to do whatever needs to get done. When our CEO Jared started at OppLoans, he spent a lot time shadowing, sitting next to us and listening to our calls. He asked questions about the customers and about our workflow, asking what we thought could be improved. None of our executives act like they “know it all.” They are always listening and learning.

After starting as one of our early Loan Advocates, I got involved with Training and helped to develop structure and processes to train new Loan Advocates. From Training I moved up to a manager. And after a few years in that role, I moved over to Business Operations.

My experience as a Loan Advocate and a supervisor was extremely valuable because I had first-hand knowledge of what that job was really like, and what we could do to make the Loan Advocates jobs more efficient, freeing them up to focus on the customer.

When we were a much smaller company I proposed making an organization chart. The reply was that we didn’t really need one because we’re all on a team, working together. Since we’re much larger now, we have a lot more structure to the company, but that mentality has stayed the same: Everyone here is a part of one team, a team that’s working as hard as we can to deliver for our customers.

That mentality is one of the reasons I’ve stayed at OppLoans. It is why leadership supported me in transitioning to new roles. We’re all one team, and if you work hard, opportunities will open up for you to develop your career within the company.

We’re still a young company, which means we’ve only had a few employees so far that have crossed the five-year mark. But there is no doubt in my mind that we’ll have more and more of them every year.

When you support your employees like OppLoans does, they stick around.