Mason Propper, Intern, “OppLoans expects you to deliver for the business—and, in return, OppLoans delivers for you too.”

When I started exploring internships last fall, it was their culture that really set OppLoans apart. I met with OppLoans employees at a Northwestern career fair and I could immediately tell that they were just different—in a good way.

Instead of a stiff and overly formal interview process, our conversations were just that: conversations. It wasn’t forced at all; it was completely natural. I talked to a few different companies that day, and OppLoans stood out the most.

While I had a good idea back then that OppLoans was the place for me, the past few months have made it really clear. And even though the company has grown a lot since I first interviewed—the floor where I’ve been stationed didn’t even exist yet when I signed my offer letter—it hasn’t lost that feeling of collegiality.

The experience of working here isn’t what a lot of people would expect from a place that’s so fast-growing and high-performing. I wouldn’t say that OppLoans is laid back, per se, but it is very personable. Everyone’s been very friendly and happy to answer any and all questions that I’ve had.

That’s unique. Especially in finance. My dad and my brother both work in finance and when I’ve told them about the down-to-earth atmosphere—like our casual dress, executive open-door policy, and frequent team outings—they are very surprised, and I think a little jealous!

When you are part of a fast-growing company like OppLoans—even as an intern—there’s always going to be opportunity. So long as you work hard, ask a lot of questions, and learn as much as you can, this is a company where their internship program not only sets you up to succeed but also enables you to make meaningful contributions to the business.

My primary project on the Business Operations Team is building a dashboard to track various types of errors that can occur in order to identify system outages. If one provider is down temporarily, this program allows us to quickly switch to another and minimize the impact on our customers.

There aren’t a lot of companies where the work you are doing can have such direct, immediate consequences for the day-to-day business. This system that I’ve built will still be used here once my internship has ended. If you’d told me that the work I was going to do here would have that kind of long-lasting effect, I wouldn’t have believed it.

But that’s OppLoans. If your idea is good and you deliver the work, the opportunity is there. It doesn’t matter that you’re an intern. In fact, it’s pretty much the opposite. OppLoans expects you to deliver for the business—and, in return, OppLoans delivers for you too.

Between the work I’ve produced, the friendships and professional relationships I’ve built, and the mentorship I’ve received, this internship has delivered far more than I could have ever hoped.