Michael Garfinkel, Salesforce Development Manager, "The speed, accuracy, and precision we’ve been able to achieve is a testament to our culture of accessible leadership.”

When I talk to developers and tech talent about why OppLoans is such a great place to work, the word I always return to is “openness.” I’ve never worked at a company that was so open to new ideas, where managers and leadership are so accessible, and where employees are so open and friendly with each other across the board. 

I manage the Salesforce team at OppLoans, which touches on several key parts of our business including originations, servicing, live chat, and complaint management. In the almost two years that I have been on the team, we’ve improved the company’s ability to deliver for our customers in hundreds of ways, both large and small. 

Whereas most companies release Salesforce updates on a monthly basis, the Salesforce team here at OppLoans releases regular updates twice a week. The speed, accuracy, and precision we’ve been able to achieve is a testament to our culture of accessible leadership — especially when it comes to our Chief Technology Officer, Andy Pruitt. Any member of the tech team can stop by his office to talk through a new idea.

It’s a leadership model that I have adopted for my own team. At OppLoans, we believe in letting the best ideas win, which means I’ve had debates with my team that I have lost. Andy has taught me that one of the best things a leader can instill is an openness to having their mind changed and taking in new perspectives. 

That accessibility isn’t unique to just the tech team. Every member of our C-Suite, including our CEO, Jared Kaplan, is accessible to any employee. Jared even takes this quality a step further by frequently highlighting or shouting out the great work that individual teams are doing. By going out of his way to recognize our achievements, he is sending a message that our input is valued. 

OppLoans is continuing to grow at an exponential speed and that is really exciting. But no matter how big we get, we will work hard to preserve the things that got us here: accessible leaders; a friendly, collaborative atmosphere; and a dedication to letting the best ideas win.