Navya Panditi, Site Reliability Engineer, “As an intern in the tech department, I was surprised at how quickly I was made to feel like a member of the team.”

I started with OppLoans as an intern in 2018. I was in graduate school at the time, and I knew that I would need practical on-the-job experience — especially in regards to troubleshooting — if I wanted to find a job in DevOps. 

I began researching different programs and OppLoans came up. As I dug deeper into the company, I noticed right away they had thousands of five-star customer reviews.

As I read through the reviews from customers going on about how wonderful their experiences had been and thanking individual loan advocates by name, I was curious how OppLoans does it. How do they make their customers this happy?

Once I started my internship and sat with our loan advocates, I had my answer.

I listened as they went above and beyond for our customers time and time again. The loan advocates did more than just shepherd customers through the application process. They got to know them as people, treating each one who called with empathy and dignity. 

And just like that, all the positive reviews we receive made perfect sense. 

At OppLoans, our customers come first, always — but OppLoans takes care of its employees too. Not only that, the company fosters an atmosphere where employees support each other. When employees enjoy coming into work every day, it’s our customers who benefit.

As an intern in the tech department, I was surprised how quickly I was made to feel like a member of the team. I wasn’t given busywork or asked to do some random project that would never see the light of day. I was handling the same tasks the rest of the DevOps team was working on — but I was also enabled to pursue work in the areas where I knew I needed more experience. 

That’s the interesting aspect moving from intern to full-time employee. Even though my work responsibilities increased, the camaraderie and teamwork stayed the same. The team already treated me like a full-time coworker in the first place. 

We’re currently accepting applications for our 2020 summer internships: If you can’t tell already, I highly recommend that you apply. You can check out our careers page for more information.

All the success that OppLoans has had in the past few years proves a very simple thesis. When you treat people well — whether it’s a customer, a business partner, or a coworker — people tend to treat you well in return.