Nicole Wilson, Senior Manager, Internal Communications, "At OppLoans, the things that set us apart are celebrated alongside the things that bring us together."

Before joining OppLoans, I worked for a company where my entire team was on the east coast, while I was here in Chicago. There were many days that passed that I had no real interaction with my colleagues in the Chicago office. One thing to know about me is that I’m a social butterfly that’s used to engaging with colleagues and friends alike. After months and months of feeling like I was alone on a deserted island, I knew it wasn’t working out. 

I knew it was time for me to find a position that was better suited for my professional growth aspirations and my friendly personality. During my search, I came across an internal communications position at OppLoans. The position read like a perfect fit. Sure enough, I knew during my first visit to the office for my interview that this was the place that I wanted to further my career. 

I joined the OppLoans family at the end of October, and it’s been one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made — both professionally and personally. I now have that sense of inclusion that I was so desperately missing in my last position. One of the goals for internal communications is to partner with each department, creating processes, messages, and campaigns that facilitate a meaningful dialogue between employees. Partnering with my colleagues is so important to me, and I’m elated that my position here allows me to do that.  

One of the most surprising elements about OppLoans is its sense of community and its culture.  People are recognized and treated as individuals, which discourages “groupthink.” A lot of organizations like to describe themselves as a melting pot, but OppLoans is more like a stir fry. In a stir fry, each ingredient stands on its own, contributing its unique flavors and textures to make the dish complete. 

That’s exactly what working at OppLoans is like. The company encourages employees to stand on their own and maintain their identity — all while working together towards our common goal of helping our customers build a better financial path. 

When a company encourages its employees to maintain a sense of self — versus having to adapt to a cookie-cutter way of conducting business — it encourages real, genuine inclusion. At OppLoans, the things that set us apart are celebrated alongside the things that bring us together.

In my past experiences, I have found that one of the key ingredients for creating and maintaining a great company culture is keeping your employees in the know. As senior manager of internal communications, I’m excited to create a culture of knowledge sharing that helps our best ideas win and gives OppLoans an edge. Because when OppLoans has an edge, our customers are the ones who truly benefit.